LG A9 CordZero Cordless Stick Vacuum

LG A9 CordZero Cordless Stick Vacuum

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got one the last time here. been happy with it so far. replaced 3 different dyson models that wouldn’t hold a charge or other reasons. it is a little different in that there isn’t a trigger you have to keep pressed in. there is an on/off and power boost buttons on the handle. i keep “pulling the trigger” to make it go and it doesn’t. press the on/off button and away you go! definitely handy that there is a spare battery ready to go if the first one runs out. i would recommend this if you are in the market.

just remembered: make sure the latch/door is closed firmly before each use. it has come open accidently and dumped the contents on the floor.

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I also grabbed one of these last time they were on here and I’ve really enjoyed it.

My house is half hardwood and half carpet, so having both types of heads included is a major bonus. Plus, with two batteries that are easily swappable, I’ve NEVER been unable to get all my cleaning done.

I typically use it on the middle power setting and that handles everything perfectly without killing the battery. I’ll kick it into turbo mode when I really want to clean my carpets, but on hardwood it’s not needed.

My reconditioned vacuum came to me looking brand-spanking-new, so that also made me happy.

Does it have a HEPA filter?

Yes it does. BTW I bought I from ebay during prime day.

Does the carpet power nozzle have it own motor or does it just use airflow to spin it?

Found this:


Thanks, oh thunderous one.

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