LG Alexa Built-In CX 4K Smart OLED 55", 65" or 77"

LG Alexa Built-In CX 4K Smart OLED 55", 65" or 77"

Is this factory refurbished?

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Hello. No, it is refurbished by one of our vendors.

If an item is refurbished by the manufacturer, we list it as factory reconditioned.

No Square Trade (or whoevertheheckitisnow?) warranty offered? Kind of sus, no?

Where’s the 48" ones please…

As explained in a different thread:

Sorry. 48" is no available in this sale.

I see it’s refurbished so if it shows up with burn in that was not fixed is that covered under warranty. Will the manufacturer warranty be valid?

Hello. There is no manufacturer warranty. The warranty is

Warranty: 90 Day Woot Limited Warranty

You have a 30-day return period if you don’t like it and a 90-day warranty for other issues.

Except the fine print says that the customer is responsible for shipping the unit back to Woot if there’s an issue. That seems like a terrible deal–this could easily cost a few hundred to ship back if you find an issue in the 30-day return period or 90-day warranty period.

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If there’s an issue, CS can and will gladly provide a prepaid label.

In addition to what @Froodyfrog said above, we rarely make you pay shipping back. That’s there so we can if needed such as in cases where the return policy is being abused. You play nice with us, we play nice with you. :smiley:

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Where is the guy that post the super duper low price but can’t tell us the actual store?

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HAHA I saw this on slickdeals and popped over wondering if he was at it again.

These seem to be getting closer to reasonable prices although the refurb is concerning.

Here are the quotes I got. Big name retailer, prices are new in box with with delivery (the guy actually placed mine right inside my front door). Prices shown are for the unit plus a 5-year warranty, free shipping, but tax was added on.

77CX: 2300+400

65CX: 1100+150

48CX: 700+150

As much as I wanted the 77, I went with the 65 as it was plenty good enough for my space.

Also I’m absolutely positive that they still made a profit on the sale, which tells you just how bad the retail markup is. LG is enjoying their monopoly. I’m really glad vizio and philips are entering the oled game and hoping they knock LG down to more reasonable pricing.

So now you know what to shoot for If you know how to work a deal.

(And if anyone thinks this isn’t legit, take a close look at my pseudonym. Make fun if you like - I know there will be a lot of jealousy-driven thumbs down and ad hominem attacks - I’ll be chuckling as I enjoy my tv.

I’m also not the only one who has enjoyed this pricing).

There he is. You seem to be the only one to find this special pricing as no one else base been able to find it. And everyone else that has came up on a better deal on anything from here they will lead us directly to the source.

Please name the store the 65” seems too good I’ll be all over it , is this a local store? What region/area?

LG s employee pricing with no returns is at $1700 + taxes +$60 for delivery