LG Alexa Built-In CX 4K Smart OLED 55" or 65"

LG Alexa Built-In CX 4K Smart OLED 55" or 65"

I got one a few months ago and I found the built in smart tv very good.

Did you buy a refurbished set? If so, have you had any problems? How long have you had it? Thanks for your reply!

Besides the 90 day warranty, does it come with a manufacture warranty as well?

I’m scared to buy a refurb one. If it came directly from LG I would have snatched this one up. I purchased a VIzio OLED instead.

No just the woot one

It was new from the mothership in the beginning of November when the Black Friday sales first started. I haven’t had any problems with it other than when I bought a wall mount for it I thought it was 200x200 when it’s really 200x300 but that was my fault for just really checking.

The identical 65" is currently available from C***co, new in box, for $1950 delivered with a two year warranty (one from LG, the second an add-on). Your savings for a refurbished unit with a 90 day Woot warranty: $350, or 18%.

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What would this be like as a monitor sitting on my desk?

If you mean as a computer monitor? Exhausting… Been there, tried that (different 55" 4k HDTV). Get you a 24x24 inch mouse pad, because that’s A LOT of real estate for your cursor to travel across. Also, cursors, icons and other things are A LOT smaller on a 4k monitor, but not necessarily on one of this size.
I did split screen thinking that would help, but it didn’t. I eventually went with two 27" LG Monitors.
Maybe if you use it as an extended screen casting from a tablet, that might work out better since that’s touchscreen.

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LG makes a cheaper EDIT, it’s actually more expensive, but check elsewhere online… 48" OLED that I have seen many Youtube videos of people using as a monitor with no issue. If you think about it, for instance, I have two 24" monitors currently at my desk so 48" is basically the same, just taller.

Does anyone know the difference in the model number between the listed what they have listed OLED65CXAUA and the OLED65CXPUA?

Still disappointed in woot oled refurb prices when you can get them new for much cheaper.

Here are the quotes I got. Big name retailer, prices are new in box with with delivery (the guy actually placed mine right inside my front door). Prices shown are for the unit plus a 5-year warranty, free shipping, but tax was added on.

77CX: 2300+400

65CX: 1100+150

48CX: 700+150

As much as I wanted the 77, I went with the 65 as it was plenty good enough for my space.

Also I’m absolutely positive that they still made a profit on the sale, which tells you just how bad the retail markup is. LG is enjoying their monopoly. I’m really glad vizio and philips are entering the oled game and hoping they knock LG down to more reasonable pricing.

So now you know what to shoot for If you know how to work a deal.

(And if anyone thinks this isn’t legit, take a close look at my pseudonym. Make fun if you like - I know there will be a lot of jealousy-driven thumbs down and ad hominem attacks - I’ll be chuckling as I enjoy my tv.

I’m also not the only one who has enjoyed this pricing).

No difference. Manufacturers use different numbers for different big retailers - think Costco, Walmart, etc.

‘PUA’ is WiSA certified whereas ‘AUA’ is not. WiSA is a wireless speaker technology. The difference would be using a wireless vs wired sound system with the set. That said, there is no other difference.

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PLEASE tell me if you are in the U.S. and at least the initials (or a very strong hint) for the “Big name retailer” you speak of. I cannot find a price close to that on the internet, and I would Desperately Love to get a 77Cx for 2300 + 400

It’s because it’s a completely fabricated story. If this was real, it would be on slickdeals. If it was some hidden gem, he would post about it here to help others. Instead he makes up ridiculous stories about fake prices on top tier TVs.

FWIW, I have a 65CX and it’s an amazing TV. If you are considering one, get it. Just don’t think that you can get one for $5. It’s the ultimate internet troll job. Step 1) Make up ridiculous claim. Step 2) Flaunt ridiculous claim on internet with no proof. Step 3) Continue to espouse unprovable claim while simultaneously failing to provide any supporting evidence. Step 4) Attempt to take imaginary high ground when people challenge your baseless claim. Step 5) Continue to provide no proof.

It’s as old as the internet.

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Yes, definitely US. It takes a bit of effort but I guarantee it’s worth it. The money I saved went toward theater seating!

I own the 55" model of these and can say its pretty amazing. Xbox one only supports 60hz 4k so if u want 120hz 4k u need the newer consoles. Thats where the model really shines, if only you can get your hands on one. Others have used the 55" version as a computer monitor for high end gaming rigs.

I got mine on a crazy sale at big blue retailer around black friday, and the magnolia guy knocked off another 100 so i got it for 1100 brand new and lucked out but 1249 is a good price and its a solid TV that wont be outdated anytime soon.

Default sound w stand or when mounted is decent too, although ill be adding a sound bar.

One minor annoyance is no physical power button nor any way to easily hard reboot the tv without unplugging or factory resetting. Had a recent issue with Plex display issues and and it just needed to be unplugged/rebooted

Level1techs did a review as a productivity monitor

But I can almost guarantee your will have issues with burn in as OLEDs don’t like to have static content displayed for long periods of time. Turn the brightness down and have a screen saver on the computer and hopfully that will help.

But a 55" is probably to big for a computer monitor. 40" would probably be the biggest I would go for a desktop monitor even then that is a little large.