LG Alexa Built-In CX 4K Smart OLED 65"

LG Alexa Built-In CX 4K Smart OLED 65"

Huge fan of LG’s OLED, and I have two of the E6 series panels with beautiful image quality, no image retention whatsoever, although it could become an issue for some.

I’m curious if we can get more information as to the “refurbished” state; Including who did the refurbishing, if it meets LG’s certified status, what overall condition to expect, and what would actually be valid within the typical Woot limited warranty that is offered…?

Since they’re only giving a 90 day woot warranty, probably was not done by LG certified techs

I’ve rarely been happy with woot pricing for oled refurbs. I can’t imagine paying this price for a 65cx refurb when my 65cx new was $1100 and free shipping (from a major retailer).

Folks need to stop buying oleds altogether until the price gouging ends. Just my unsolicited internet 2 cents.

Hi there. The refurbishing was done by one of our vendors.

“Refurbished” covers everything from buyers’ remorse returns and products whose defects have been repaired by the pros to damaged packaging and discontinued items. If you can accept their checkered past, refurbs have a lot of love to give.

For forum readers, this TV has Never been $1100 at any major retailer. I’ve had slickdeal price alerts on it since it came out. I paid $1850 with a free extended warranty and that was the best ever price. No idea where this made up $1100 number is coming from.

That said, I can’t imagine trying to save $100 on a $2,000 TV to give up any real warranty. To that end I agree and would 100% pass on this deal and buy new.

This is an amazing TV though. Amazing.


Yes if was refurbished by LG I would have zero issues with buying this tv. But I have heard way to many hits and misses on here. Seems like it would be a crapshoot. Does anyone know where you can buy an LG certified refurb at?

So is this a 55" or 65"? The pictures/description indicate 55", but the listing is 65". Please clarify.

Hi there. It’s 65". I’m asking for the dimensions photo to be replaced or removed.

I’m enjoying watching my $1100 65CX right now. Added a 5-year warranty for $150.

I’d been watching SD for it for a long time too but found a better route.

Retailers are still enjoying gross profit margins on these LG OLEDs.

Lol k. You just happened to get a brand new model TV for 50% off from a “major” retailer at a price no one has ever seen. Merry Christmas… Or maybe I should say Happy Birthday because it’d take a Jesus like miracle to get that TV at that price… No one has ever gotten one for that price. Happy Birthday bro. Can I get some snow here?

It pays to believe. Even my 65C7 was only $1550. So paying $1850 for a 65 in 2020 is an embarrassment.

Here are the quotes I got. Big name retailer, prices are new in box with with delivery (the guy actually placed mine right inside my front door). Prices shown are for the unit plus a 5-year warranty, free shipping, but tax was added on.

77CX: 2300+400

65CX: 1100+150

48CX: 700+150

As much as I wanted the 77, I went with the 65 as it was plenty good enough for my space.

Also I’m absolutely positive that they still made a profit on the sale, which tells you just how bad the retail markup is. LG is enjoying their monopoly. I’m really glad vizio and philips are entering the oled game and hoping they knock LG down to more reasonable pricing.

So now you know what to shoot for If you know how to work a deal.

(And if anyone thinks this isn’t legit, take a close look at my pseudonym. Make fun if you like - I know there will be a lot of jealousy-driven thumbs down and ad hominem attacks - I’ll be chuckling as I enjoy my tv.

I’m also not the only one who has enjoyed this pricing).