LG Alexa C1 Series 4K Smart OLED TV (48" or 55")

LG Alexa C1 Series 4K Smart OLED TV (48" or 55")

how is this a “good” deal, whereas

you can buy it brand new for $100 more???
and yes, they are in stock.

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Yeah seems like this pricing was done before the manufacturer holiday markdowns. Not a great deal. The Sony is still $300 off lowest list price. Definitely better to just go new on the C1 especially with the price match and longer return periods

I agree, not that I would ever buy an OLED that was “remanufactured” . Who knows if the people that had it before burned the screen. That said, I have had top of the line Panasonic Plasmas, which I still have, and have never had a burned screen. Seems to me , people that burn screens must be watching channels a lot with logos, tickers, ect…

Well I’m hoping :crossed_fingers: that I get a good panel cuz I’ve been wanting the A80J or C1 and finally pulled the trigger on the A80j deal. My plasma 10 years ago had some bad temporary retention after leaving it a menu a long time. Pixel refresh should be nice if used sparingly over the life.

I use my scrolling bar once a month. What is peculiar , with the OLED scrolling bar, supposedly , covered on YouTube by LinusTech, it shortens the life of the oled emitter. Whether or not that is true , i have not been able to confirm that statement.

Another note is OLED 2 is coming , I may have to wait a little longer…

and …

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Yeah, my understanding is there is some level of dimming of brighter elements to match the darker burned in areas. I think the intent is closer to a yearly or as needed refresh, but that was from my research.

Both Sony and LG are getting the new EVO panels with some models getting phased in. I believe the LG G1 got them on all 2021, but the rest were getting phased in over the year.

PRICE DROP on the 55"

Small Print: If you already purchased, that money will hop back into your pockets soonish.


Good Job!! Thanks Thunder!


Will the 48" receive a similar price drop, given that it’s $1096.99-ish brand new right now at Best Buy, Amazon and Costco?

Thanks for posting these as a deal for fellow Wooters!

Not that I’m aware of.

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