LG Apple & Android Dock w/ Airplay & BT

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LG Apple & Android Dock w/ Airplay & BT
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how does it charge your phone?


thanks. dock to me means no wires. don’t want this.

@2:40 in the video, he docks an Android phone to the micro USB connector. You can also see the lightning connector on the left. Unless you’re talking about no wires at all, wherein it is receiving power from quantum top hats, unicorn farts, or dilithium matrix instead of your mains AC.

I can’t watch youtube at work.

So it is basically just a shelf and you plug your device into it? With the past 2-3 years of Samsung Galaxy phones (and probably others) having a centerally located bottom usb port I would think making a dock for them would be just as easy as an iPhone.

The Woot pic shows an iPad and an Andy phone, but all the specs only mention iPod, iPhone on the Lightning side. I assume this would work with my iPad Mini as well, but I’m not an Apple guy… am iMissing anything?

I had no problems docking previous android phone (Samsung Galaxies) to the docking station I currently own via the micro USB port. However, my Samsung Galaxy S5 won’t dock that way, as the non-removeable USB cover gets in the way (intended for water resistance). If anyone has used this docking station with an s5, can you tell me if you still have that problem?

on the back of the speaker, push the slide button, then a dock smoothly come out

yes it will work with ipad mini, because it has lightning port.

Well, going by this photo, we think there’s room:


But we don’t have a sample to test.

UPDATE: A wonderful coworker found the manual for you (Thank you, Eric!). See the bottom of page 12:


Compatible iPod/iPhone/iPad
The unit supports the models as follows ;
y iPod touch 3G, 4G, 5G
y iPod nano 4G, 5G, 6G, 7G
y iPhone 5
y iPhone 4S
y iPhone 4
y iPhone 3GS
y iPad mini
y iPad 2G, 3G, 4G
y iPad

In for 1!

What happens when a phone call comes in on your iPhone while it is docked?

I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 2, a larger phone. Will I be able to dock this particularly large model?

I have one of these and it is outstanding! I highly recommend it, especially at this price.