LG Blu-ray Player w/ USB Rec & Playback

According to the Owner’s Manual on LG’s website.

It appears from the manual that only audio tracks from an Audio CD can be recorded to USB. It also appears that they are recorded in MP3 192kbps format.

I’d be in for one, except for the remote question. This seems like a less jenky solution to play my USB media rather than Chromecasting it. I guess it’s too much to ask for an HDMI cord to been in the box too, huh?

[MOD: Comes with remote]

How is this even a question? Has anybody here bought a piece of home entertainment equipment in the last 25 years that did not come with a remote?

What would concern me is that it doesn’t explicitly say it comes with a power cord.

What App do you use for the Plex support? I thought they only had support for Sammy and LG.

It comes with a remote.


Thanks for the good responses and research. Did some looking myself for answers to is there a remote and is there a power cord, but found nothing. We need help from Woot.
Is a power cord included?
Is a remote included? {MOD} TT says it comes with a remote.

Comes with a remote.
Power cord is attached to the unit.

Come on now! Its a little disingenuous to mention “record” in this description. Big deal; it has a usb port.


Its a sad day when Woot joins all the other shrills slamming out deceptive claims.

Uhm, why would we sell a Blu-ray player without a power cord?

And, yes, again… it comes with a remote.

It plays records???

$30 is a great price if this can also be used as a turntable.

Even if it doesn’t include the power cord!

Nobody noticed this nonsense sentence in the description “With its sleek, modern, slim design, you can directly record to devices with the USB port.” What the heck does it’s design have to do with it having a USB port?

OK, answers to questions:

It comes with a remote.

It comes with a power cord

Recording: Info we initially got on this item was a bit misleading. It records CD audio to USB. Otherwise, the USB can be used for accessing media on USB devices.

The PS3 is a pain as it sees Cinavia protection. I don’t even use my PS3 anymore for watching rips as you never know when it will stop 30min in… I also have great image quality using both my LG Blu Ray player and my Hisense TV to play USD content directly. If it is a 1080p rip it looks beautiful. I sometimes get 5.1 sound as well.

Ha, ha. Looks like maybe you could use one of those power cords about now?

The codecs loaded in even cheap blu-ray players will look just as good as a PS3- there is nothing magical about the PS3. I have bought refurbished LG, Panasonic and Sony players (all about$35) and they all work fine with various file types. I burn movies as data files to DVD’s or Blu-rays (for seasons of shows) and they all playback fine.

Is it region locked? Can it play region B bluray discs?

This is a decent blu-ray player at a cheap price. If you don’t have a blu-ray player you need to buy one. The reason you need this is because blu-ray players can do a lot more than just play blu-ray and regular DVD’s. You can hook up external drives to them to play various files, or you can just burn those files (as data files) to a DVD or a Blu-ray disc and it still reads them. I have a blu-ray burner on my computer that I will burn several seasons of episodes on to a single disc. I can have 25 GB of data video files on a single blue ray disc that I can easily take with me, or give to someone. Blank blu-ray discs are about $0.50 each on sale now. This is one of the cheapest most versatile devices on the market.

For all the potential of BDLive it seems to mostly delay the start of playback on Universal releases while new trailers downloaded.