LG Blu-ray Players

I myself is a happy owner of LG Blu-ray player, but a different model from these two. I guess LG players are pretty good (in general), but it depends on the model quite a lot!

These two models in particular appear “below average” according to some newegg reviews:



Reviews from the mothership are a little better for BP135 model but still pretty bad for the other one:



I bought the 135, purchased here just a few weeks ago. It arrived with a clicking and video stuttering problem, out of the box.
Refurbished? Anyway, took several days for Woot to reply to my return request with an offer of a RMA. I thought I was stuck with it so i took it to a friend (before Woot emailed me back) that is a Geeksquad employee at Best Buys (no cost to me). He used a cleaning disk to clean the laser and it performed adequately. What I mean by that is it played movies, both BR and DVD, as well as music CD. Be warned, the reaction to the remote is glacially slow, to the point you think it didn’t. But worth $25 after the fix. I don’t play a lot of BR from the disks, I usually rip them and play them in Plex but it is nice to have one if someone comes over with one and we want to watch it right away.

BEWARE OF BLACK FRIDAY MODELS which are sold here ALL YEAR LONG. They’re made cheap and sold cheap.

I bought the less expensive BP135B for an “entry level” gift for a friend. It arrived this morning. Watched a couple Blu-ray discs, a DVD, plugged a thumb drive into the front usb port to view last summer’s vacation pictures, then an mp3 player, and it’s finding and playing the music files. I’m pleased.

The unit is tiny, about an inch and a half tall, less than 11 inches wide, and 8 inches deep. The remote is tiny, but functions well. The only output is hdmi, only two ports on the back. hdmi out, and 12 volts in, from the included adapter plug. The only function indicator on the front is a tiny green light to show it’s on. It flickers when it’s received a command from the remote. The rest is on screen. Looks and works like new. All you’ll need is one AAA battery and an hdmi cable.

It’ll do fine for its intended use.