LG C9 4K Smart OLED TV + AI ThinQ

This experience is off to a bad start already. I was expecting to take delivery of my 65” today, but was contacted shortly after confirming that they were in route that the driver couldn’t get the truck to my street and instead asked if I could meet them somewhere.

2 things, I’ve seen larger trucks get to my street and secondly… why would you put it on a truck that large coming to residential areas. The resolution was trying the delivery tomorrow and coming on a smaller truck…That should have happened in the 1st place!

Oh dear. I’m sorry the freight company isn’t very smart. :frowning:

Thursday, (business hours) I emailed that I wanted to arrange a return.

Friday, was a back and forth email with someone again asking to arrange the RMA.

Also Friday I discovered that self service is ultimately the least frustrating route on Friday.

Monday, I lugged the TV to UPS.

Today (Tuesday), I received a reply from Woot that do have replacements.

My Tv was in pretty good condition until it was on for 15 minutes then it started having a line from top to the bottom of the tv. Im in the middle of trying to return it or get my money back. Woot says 90 day return policy. I want the TV, but it needs to work. I will be running it 15 hours a day for 90 days, so no junk! Just got it today…15 minutes. Im not sure who refurbished these units but if I was woot, pass next time. Now give me a working tv or give me my money back. Woot you have 14 days to fulfill this order or I’m calling my credit card company!

Your picture looks blurry. Almost like somebody painted it.

I hope your not serious, but if you are… its a screen saver on the tv. Picture is great except the green line running through it.

FYI: Woot claims a trusted third party (most likely Lotus Int’l) tests and re-certifies these TVs before repackaging them for resale.

As you can see from my own story above, the “test and certify” claims appear to be maybe a little dubious at best through the entire chain. They couldn’t even send my TV with correct and unbent parts. .

Since your issue is technical and the familiar “Green Line of Death”, if you want, you don’t have to return the TV to Woot. You can always file a claim directly with LG.

Since Amazon (Woot) is an authorized re-seller, your factory warranty is valid for 90 days.
You call them or email lg.refurbish@lge.com

LG in turn will probably send you a new TV in a best case scenario (because they don’t want the headache of another bum one being sent) - OR - have the TV’s panel replaced with a factory *new (*in all likelihood new as it is currently not cost effective to recondition/reman OLED panels).

I would definitely press LG to re-start the 90-day warranty from the time of repair or replacement. Many of the preeminent and reputable electronics companies will often bump out the warranty as a sign of good-faith / good-will since they don’t want soured consumers both bad mouthing the product and walking to the much cheaper competitor products flooding the market that can often be 90% of the performance of their product for 40-60% less.

I’m still stuck on the trusted comment from Woot.

They can’t even take a moment to see if the parts they put in the box aren’t clearly bent, miss-shapened and gouged. Even Stevie Wonder could have seen this (p.s. - Stevie is blind … very very blind).

Please keep us posted on what you find out. That is a lot of money to spend for that to happen. Refurbished items are always a risk. On a positive note, whenever i had any problems with anything i bought off woot, they always made it right. Now im nervous about my tv. Ill post a review after i get it unboxed and setup.

Refurbished items are always a risk.

Refurbished items should not be a risk. If anything, they should be as good if not better than factory. They left the factory after QC … an issue slipped through the QC process. The item was returned, investigated, fixed, reinspected for proper function and re-certified. Effectively the TV has been QC’d twice so it should be solid.

At least this is how proper B-stock QC is supposed to take place when it takes place.

Nonetheless, I didn’t want to risk it and sent the 55" back and ordered a 65" the day before the Woot sale ended. Let’s hope the second time’s a charm. The 65" is being sent via freight carrier instead of UPS so it will take much longer to get here. Next weekend is the ETA, so we’ll see. 2-weeks eaten out my 90-day warranty in transit time. :wink:

That is a very good point. It should be just as good as brand new. My tv should arrive wednesday. I will keep you posted. Fingers crossed that it will all be okay.

No one wants to return a giant TV, so be ultra careful when moving it. These TVs are getting thinner and thinner, and yet heavier and heavier, so the screens are fragile.

I specifically got the LG OLED E8 because it has two glass screens sandwiching the display, making it far heavier, but far sturdier to handle. I’d never touch the top edge of the screen the way the OP does in his video. I’d have put a ten-pound weight on the back of the display base and at least plug it in. The problem may only have been a bent base, and some missing weight. Far easier to get a replacement for that, than a whole TV.

Well I got my 65" OLED tv today and man am I upset. As soon as I plugged it in a huge white line showed up on the screen and wont go away. there is clearly something wrong with the display. After it got powered up and running it got much worse, black bands all across the middle portion of the screen. And if not bad enough when I turn the tv off with the power button the white line stays there. All lit up in its glory.
Not to happy about this.

Ack! Sorry. Please reach out to Woot Customer Service. From a browser, use the Woot Customer Service form. In the Woot App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

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Actually it was NOT easier to get a replacement base or sound reflector. I called LG. LG directed me to their authorized parts distributor.
The model is so relatively new they don’t even have the SKU in their system - let alone parts.

With the CV virus now halting : delaying shipments from Asia, timing on parts availability would have been a total unknown.

Meanwhile I’m expected to put a few bricks behind my $1200 TV and have the speakers firing directly 90° into my console? Yeah - Nah. How about I return it and next time the reseller should actually QC the merchandise before offering it up for sale?

That is utter nonsense! This isn’t shipping damage!

The banding and pixels that won’t respond to the board (white slash), this panel was totally futzed up before it left the distribution center. It WAS NOT re-tested. FWIW, If you call LG customer service and show them pictures, they may send a tech out to replace the panel and board under warranty. The actually replacement process takes ~15 minutes.

That said my C9 arrives tomorrow. I’m already preparing myself for disappointment.

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TT, it’s time to be honest. Who is QC’ing these TV’s before they are shipped? Is there any QC happening? People are sending Woot thousands for these TVs and they are arriving in non-functioning condition.

And it consistently seems to be this model in this lot over the past 3 weeks.

I’ve read the forums reviews on the other TVs offered over the last month and there is nowhere near the level of complaint.

A shame. The model is already a year old. You’d think there’d be parts by now.

I cannot stress enough to anyone reading this. DO NOT BUY THIS TV FROM WOOT!

My SECOND, C9 arrived today. As soon as I opened the box there was a LARGE YELLOW UNMISTAKABLE LABEL on the back of TV articulating what the problem was and why it was returned in Jan. “Line[s] on screen”

One would think this was fixed before being resold to consumers. ABSOLUTELY NOT.
I set it up, powered it up, and the exact problem called out on the repair tag sticker was present on the screen. A line of dead pixels in the center of the screen running top to bottom on every source input.

There is no way Woot or ThunderThighs can blame this on the shipper either. This is just straight fraud and negligence.

Two TVs bought and two had issues - one labeled with the exact issue they sent it to me with. The odds of this being chance are not possible.

Woot is repacking and reselling broken TVs and labeling them as refurbished although absolutely NO Q/C, repair or certification has taken place.

This is inexcusable, unethical, and an immoral business practice that takes advantage of consumers. I now think it’s time I send a note to the FTC, BBB, and an attorney demanding to see the inspection and technical report and repairs they perform or their what their audit is of the 3rd party is who does this on their behalf.

2 weeks ago I was a disappointed consumer. Today I am an irate and insulted consumer.

I am not spending a minute of my time taking down yet another TV, packing up 90lbs and lugging down 3 flights to drop it off at UPS.

Woot wants to sell broken and unverified products, then they will pay to send an expediter or installer to my home to handle the labor and logistics of removal and return.

My time also has value. Woot must respect this.

Check out the nonsense I just received. See above.

Oh and Magic Remote isn’t fully working either. The buttons work, but the “Wii” aspect nor the microphone work.

I’m very sorry for this. It’s obvious that the TV should not have been shipped out. I’ve escalated this to management and they have ended the sales of the LG C9 TV. Our management is working with our vendor to ensure these quality issues are resolved before we resume sales of the LG C9. Also, Woot Customer Service is reaching out to you.