LG C9 4K Smart OLED TV + AI ThinQ

WOW! Sorry to hear that your TV is also a big disappointment. Just a quick note, my MAGIC REMOTE also is just a normal remote. No “Wii” cursor moving around on the screen. Also another disappointment to add to the mix. I just chose a refund for mine and they are scheduling a pickup next week. I am disappointed but I can say WOOT customer service has promptly replied and was very sincere and apologetic for this issue with the situation.

Woot reached out to me yesterday afternoon.
This time it was both an email followed by a phone call.

I was informed my last review was passed up the reporting chain at Woot. Based on this and the multiple other send backs, Management made the decision to temporarily halt further sales of the C9 from “this vendor.”

No mention of who the vendor / supplier is, so I’m reluctant to say Lotus’s name - but it wouldn’t surprise me as they’re one of the biggest reman suppliers in the CE industry and there is very narrow secondary market supply chain for such a relatively new and advanced TV and panel. LG supplies themselves and Sony with OLED panels, so it’s not as if there are many certified companies to source from.

But I digress. Woot appears to be stewarding this with a level of seriousness I would deem necessary and appropriate. The customer service agent requested the serial number of the TV (this is different than what I redacted in my previous photo). I would imagine this is to begin an investigative analysis of the technical and certification report for this TV and probably the lot of serials bracketing my unit.

Sidenote: I was finally able to get the microphone and “Wii” aspect of the remote to function. It requires you manually re-pair the remote by holding the BACK + HOME button together for 10 seconds while pointing it at the TV, then pressing down on the center scroll wheel after the power button on the remote glows steady red.

If done correctly a prompt will appear on the TV screen.

HOWEVER this again is evidence the TV and components were not inspected and tested properly. Had they been, the remote would have already arrived paired to the TV because how can one test these functions without first pairing it to the device it is being packaged with.

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