LG C9 4K Smart OLED TV w/ AI ThinQ

LG C9 4K Smart OLED TV w/ AI ThinQ

Not good prices, especially for refurbs. I’ve seen authorized dealer sales on the C9 for $1499 on the 65” and $3599 on the 77”, with full warranty and free shipping.

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Darn, Woot! I bought the 65” two weeks ago for $1739. So far I really like the TV.

The set was in perfect condition. The picture is phenomenal!

Time will tell. I cannot wait for DirecTV to hook-up 4Ak for the big game next weekend.

For those wondering about this TV…this generally considered that standard bearer of best picture available right now…

Any idea who performs the refurbishing – LG or some 3rd party?

If you do over-the-air, be aware that this tv is not atsc 3.0 compliant.

It’s 3rd party refurbished by one of our vendors.

If it’s manufacturer refurbished, we list it as “factory reconditioned”.

Literally just installed this TV this weekend. Picture is phenomenal and using the magic remote with apps works pretty well (with a quirk or two).

One thing to note is where the wall mount holes are…They are much lower than normal which means the TV is going to sit higher than you expect even if you use the lowest holes in the mount. It kinda worked out ok in my case, but I definitely intended to hang it a bit lower.

The red is where the holes are and the green is where I was assuming they’d be. :crazy_face:


Yo, copywriter. It’s ThinQ not ThinkQ.

Thank you

Seems like most of the bigger TVs are putting the VESA mounts lower as the electronics get smaller and placed low for balance reasons.

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Plus, to show off how thin the screen is they don’t want to have that huge housing over the entire back of the TV, but they got to put the electronics somewhere and down near the bottom makes the most sense.

(The top part of the TV is like maybe a quarter inch thick…quite amazing.)