LG C9 55" 4K Smart OLED TV w/ AI ThinQ

LG C9 55" 4K Smart OLED TV w/ AI ThinQ

$1149 is really not a great deal for a refurb with a 90’day warranty. Costco has the 55” b9 for $1200 plus a $100 gift card (net $1100) with a 3-year squaretrade warranty included. And eBay has the b8 (2018) model (new not refurb) for an astonishing $899. Add $51 for a 2-year ST warranty. Free shipping/delivery on both of those options, too.

I’ve not seen great oled deals from woot…ever?


Im heading to buy this exact TV today. I will buy from Costco but its Not $1200 its $1500 but it comes with several year warrantee ( I believe 3-5) since Costco gives I believe 2 additional years and the return policy is fantastic also.


Some people are saying that the AUA (the Costco and similar store model) has a feature for WiSA wireless speakers missing, others say not…


EDIT: Here is straight from LG:

Who did the refurbishing?

Search slick deals for the $1200 option.

This is 3rd party refurbished by our vendor.

That seems to be for the B9 model, not the C9

All right, I’m in. I checked my credit card’s price protections and it increases the warranty by 1yr, even on refurbished items, so I hope it lasts 10 years like one of the TVs that I’m replacing with this.

What kind of hamburger is that… 80/20?

There are some things in this universe you don’t want to know…

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Seems pretty lean… maybe 90/10
Maybe buffalo burger…

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LG has consistently had problems with the Timing Control and mainboards. They are just as reliable as those Onkyo HDMI boards from a few years back.

$1200 for a TV from a company with questionable reliability, with a 30 day warranty. Ya figure it already broke once…

Correct. B9 is what I referenced in the first post.

Also: I’m told that if you purchase my Costco option using their credit card, you end up with 7 years of warranty.

Not something I have independently verified, but a huge benefit if accurate.

I’m sure next week during Black Friday aka Thanksgiving Day you can find deals like this for a brand new one

Synergytvs.com has this same model new for 1099

Received mine and it is DOA. Shows a spinning LG logo for about a second before it shuts itself off. Incredibly disappointed.

Unplug the tv then hold the power button on the TV for like 20 seconds. This will clear out any charge left in capacitors and do a full power cycle. Plug it back in and try again. If that doesn’t work, contact support!

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Tried that already before I boxed it back up. Woot is doing a return at their cost with full reimbursement. It’s leaving today. I already bought a new one on Amazon to replace it.

Seems like it wasn’t refurbished at all, just a broken TV that was returned (box was previously opened but it otherwise looked new) that they sold again without checking anything.

Refurbish process:
Plug in
Turn on
Screen lights up?
Yes -> looks good, box it up!

Mine came and while it’s not WISA ready, everything else works flawlessly on it.