LG DR787T DVD Recorder with HDMI, HD Upconversion and ATSC Tuner

I go outside to take my kids to recess, I miss the helicopter, and the tv and then I come back and now they have a converter box that the government will give me a coupon for. It is not in my fate to be a woot master



Kinda looks like… a BABY

<want to eat yours>

Hmmmm… that things mouth sure looks like something I have seen on the internet before. I can’t quite put my finger in… er… on it.


can I use my Digital coupon on this? It has a digital tuner. lol

Boo for receiving HD signal but recording in SD. :frowning:

What date is Black Friday? thanks

Does anyone else think predator’s mouth loo…


“It’s not even like radio, where it took a few decades until Clear Channel killed it dead. It’s done. Goodbye, old television. Goodbye.”

Awesome, and the truth

Bought one from BB with my projector about a year ago. Works great as a DVD player… never used the recording function though. I use it as a very cheap way of splitting a lot of my video to the projector and audio to speakers. (Xbox, Wii, Cable, etc)

well I think the woot off is over
the only way they will sellout of these is if the QTY=Negative 10

Bring on the BluRay!

I don’t understand these things – would it replace the box the cable company charges me $7 a month for?

got one!

Would someone please ban this fool…


ahhhhhh…me don fill soooo goooood…