LG DR787T DVD Recorder with HDMI, Upconversion and ATSC Tuner



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LG DR787T DVD Recorder with HDMI, Upconversion and ATSC Tuner
$89.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 LG DR787T DVD Recorder with HDMI, Upconversion and ATSC Tuner

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I saw these at Radio Shack last week for $10 more. This is a GREAT price. Buy now before they sell out…


does this work with my tiVo?


It records and plays in standard def. Then it upscaples for playback. Does anyone know if the upscaling is any good? What chipset do they use?


No divx support? No thanks.


isnt “Upconversion” HD-DVD?


Oh my word… 2 seconds and there’s already 20 replies…

Looks like something I might get. Hmm…

Well I wanna find one that upconverts regular TV. Booya.


It would be funny if it was a HD-DVD player “rebranded” into to an “HDMI Upconverting” DVD player.


I got burned about 2 yrs ago with an LG HDMI Upconversion DVD player on woot. NOT AGAIN!


“It won’t display this signal in HD, mind you, but it will display it.”

I think it’s odd that it will upconvert to HD but won’t display what it gets via the ATSC tuner in HD. Or did they mean it won’t record in HD? Maybe both.


Are you serious. The answer is no. HD DVD and Bluray are completely different systems than DVD. This just make an SD DVD look better.




If it has XVID I will probably buy it… but I haven’t seen anything that indicates that yet.


I bought one of these during a Spammywebsite.com show, and was completely disappointed. It downconverts everything to 480p when recording.

I guess if you are watching Soap Operas or something it may be ideal, but for those with HDTVs, don’t waste your money.

WOW, is Woot really that scared of spammywebsite.com that they censor their name immediately? How the mighty have fallen. Since I can’t say their name, I will say that I bought it during a live Smack Shopping show.

And shame on you Woot, for being so scared of choices.


Just wait for the day when HD movies are on SD cards.

Oh wait… they already are. Consumers just haven’t caught up yet because they were too busy watching the DVD war.


I don’t have the same model LG Recorder, but ours works pretty well. Finalizing a disc was tricky at first though. Maybe they’ve changed it?





Probably not a refurb though… or was it?
If so, I didn’t know they sold refurbs.


I’m actually really interested in the “cable box” thing.

So if I have a TV with a hookup to digital cable (but no set-top box right now), this would allow me to view the digital cable? (Like I can use a cable menu?)

I’ve got Comcast. So, would this work with Comcast’s digital cable service, or is that scrambled?

Forgive my noobness. :slight_smile: