LG External USB 3.0 Blu-Ray Rewriter

Does anyone know if special software is needed to play movies or will VLC work?
Also, burning data. Can you drag and drop using windows, or is special software required?

Usually for Blu-Ray playback “special software” would be needed but, it looks like VLC will play MKV’s. DL “makeMKV” and watch them in VLC.

VLC does DVDs, Audio CDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols.

The PITA here is you would have to save a copy to disc in order to convert it. The beauty (MakeMKV is free) of MKV is it’s an uncompressed file and will retain the Blu-Ray quality. The downside is MKV is a large file. Fine if you have the space.

Under “Features” it says it comes with Power BD-DVD 3D, but the software isn’t listed as “in the box”, so they may have just copied the text from the LG Web site without edited out the software they don’t include.

We need clarification on whether or not it includes the software.


I have never used or downloaded this software but thought a free blu-ray player must be out there somewhere.

Hint: Just because they say it’s clean and safe to download doesn’t mean it is. Search

I have had this drive for about a year now - I burn BD-Rs, BD-RE DL, and BD-R TL 100GB with no issues on this drive. Works great with the M-DISC BD-Rs and BD-R TL as well. If you want an external Bluray burner, this is the real deal.

From what I’ve read, this is considered the best external optical drive currently available. It’s fast and reliable. However, it’s also really huge and uses a separate power supply. I have one as I avoid including optical drives in my desktop computers or laptops, for the few times I need one this one suffices and I’m not missing out anything.

I’ve been ripping my kid’s DVDs using a combination of MakeMKV and Handbrake to put them on a NAS so we can stream them to any of our TVs via Roku. I don’t currently have any kind of Blu-Ray drive (only a player hooked up to the TV) but have a bunch of Blu-Ray discs too. Would this allow me to rip my Blu-Rays to the NAS too like I’ve been doing with the DVDs?

Yep, just about every DVD/BR drive is capable of RIP’n

Right now I have been using a deathly slow 2.0 USB devise to do just that. Rip my blu-rays to disc in MakeMKV. Works great.

Did I mention It’s very SLOOooooow.
I never ripped a copy of Das Boot I have. A four hour movie.

What comes in the box, will I need to buy a usb to usb cable to connect it to my computer? I will be using a usb 2 port.

You should be all set:

USB 3.0 is backward compatible with 2.0

It will have a 3.0 connection on the drive and what looks like a regular old USB connector for your computer.

I’m looking for Media to burn with this unit. Can anyone recommend good but reasonably priced Dual Layer or Triple layer BD-R’s?