LG G Pad 7.0 Unlocked LTE Tablet

It looks like a new unlocked LG V410 G Pad is $119.95 shipped through the AMZN mothership.

My cell carrier gave me one of these “free” (almost) recently when I upgraded my phone and usage contract. I gave it to my wife to play with - her Motorola Zoom was beginning to show its age and I thought the GPad might slow her envy of my IPad down slightly. I didn’t expect her to really love the GPad and have no desire to upgrade. She really likes the light weight and portability - fits in most of her purses, etc…

I had it pegged for pretty much just a toy but she sure uses the heck out of it.

If I want to buy the LG G Pad 7.0 unlocked LTE, I don’t see a purchase tab.Help?

Does anyone know what size SIM card this tablet works with?

It would Micro Sim card.

Will this work on T-Mobile’s network? For 2g/3g/4g/LTE? Will it work with the 200 Mb for free plan?

How about in Europe?

you got to click on the lg tablet picture again and should go to purchase item page etc,

Just bought one of these via Ebay for the same price with free shipping. They are listing them as new with the package opened only for unlocking, based on what I received I believe that to be a true claim.

I may order one of these as well, as it is a nice little tablet, a well made and well supported tablet at the price of a bargain basement WiFi only no name Chinese tablet, and buying via Woot gives me more confidence than Ebay.

Can this be use on like a prepaid plan with no contract? Great for when I travel, otherwise don’t need data plan, I just use wi-fi

Can I buy this today and use it with my Carrier on a Thursday?

I’ve seen mixed comments on it working with the T-Mobile 200mb free plan. Tmobile says “bring it in and we’ll make it work”:


However the 4G LTE will not work on T-Mobile, only on AT&T.

This model was launched in Europe a few months before it was launched in the US so I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work in Europe provided you have an EU carrier SIM and are in an area with coverage on one of the listed bands.

that was from an amazon seller thru Amazon, And is gone but if you get this with sq.trade 2 yr warranty it’s a better deal here!

Well, I called T-Mobile. Sure, they would be glad to sell me a plan.
$20 a month for only 1g…$30 a month for 3g!
I already bought the darn thing…Starbucks here I come!


Just got back from a trip to town (no cellular signal in the boonies where I live), I had to manually add the T-Mobile LTE APN, which took less than two minutes. Once that was done it was surfing like a champ.

I assume that as an AT&T branded model they didn’t want to make it too easy to put on other networks, but they haven’t made it hard either.

Great little tablet, will be ordering at least one more.

Thanks for the assist. I was able to manually do the same and now have 4G with T-Mobile and using the 200mb for life offer.