LG G Pad 7.0 Unlocked LTE Tablet

AT&T/T-mobile or Verizon?

List of United States wireless communications service providers and their Technologies

The model 410 is AT&T-compatible. http://www.lg.com/us/tablets/lg-V410-g-pad-7.0-lte

The G Pad is a great tablet. We have the 8.3". Idk why it isn’t more popular. It’s fast and sleek, the software works great, and it’s got lots of cool features no one else has. Get this tablet, you won’t be disappointed! You can use it with any GSM carrier, you’re not stuck with AT&T. Airvoice Wireless’ $30 cell plan is usually enough for use, since we’re retired and mostly use it at home w/wifi. And we’re eagerly awaiting our Karma’s delivery, for our grandson to use on long trips.

We also have 3-iPad Airs (2-1’s and 1-2), Kindle Fire HD, Kindle (2014) eReader and 2-Asus Transformer TFT-700’s (so you know we’re techies).

Does this tablet have to be activated with cell phone service to use the WIFI? or is it just a brick?

I can’t imagine so, I use my old iPhones as iPods just using WiFi.

But, hopefully someone who knows a little more can chime in and correct me if I’m wrong.

Works fine with WiFi only. I used it for a week on WiFi before my SIM was delivered.

I use T-Mobile and it works great as a 4G tablet. I also set it up to be a WiFi hotspot (it’s not capable out of the box; you have to root it and make some changes to a couple of config files).

How is the soesker on this? Is the sound quality decent enough to make calls on using one of the telephone apps if my phone isn’t with me? We are not allowed to use our phones at work except during break when there is no time and lunch. So I mostly use my phone as a tablet.bbut my sister texts me once ir twice a week and occassionally I have calls that can’t wait.

I’m considering getting something like this primarily to use in my car for GPS purposes. Right now, I have a wi-fi only 7" tablet, but when I use it, I have to connect it to my phone’s mobile hotspot (which has a 5GB/mo limit.) So presumably this would work out better. I have T-Mobile and they have a 5GB data plan add-on for $10/month. Is there a better deal that would match my usage?

Would this work in the UK? Just got back from a trip in London and it looks like the SIM cards are a different size over there to most of the phones in the US.

I don’t think your employer has a problem with you using your phone, but with you using company time to make personal calls. Using a tablet won’t make a difference there…