LG G Pad Tablets

This is a good price, just wish you guys had a 32 g model. Do they even make one?

I’m on an LG gpad now. It is my favorite tablet, and I have quite a few. Good size, good performance. I love mine and I paid about $260.

To the person wanting a 32GB model, this isn’t an ipad. There’s an SD slot where you can tons of memory and it will cost much less than having the manufacturer add it.

Dude have you ever tried to load apps from a card. It’s slow, only pics and music work well.

16gb of apps is not enough !
waouh you scare me :slight_smile:

4-8gs are always operating system depending on the manufacture. LG and Google takes up 8 on my G2 and I wouldnt expect it to be much less on this.

Are these as good as the HP Slates or HP Touchpads? Those are the BEST!~

It’s really not a bad deal, picked up one. I hope I don’t regret it when if the Nexus 8 is released and awesome at the end of the month.

This is a useless lump of silicon. Half the time it doesn’t click, 30% of the time it double clicks and zooms in. 20% of the time it does what you want. I am trying to return it and nobody seems to work in customer service… Does anyone even read these?

I’ll put you on my afternoon report so they can look into your case.