LG G Watch Powered by Android Wear

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LG G Watch Powered by Android Wear
Price: $64.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days. (Monday, Jan 18 to Tuesday, Jan 19) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Product Page

400mAh battery, really?

That’s what the product page says.

Having used this, I can assure you it’s correct. It needs it, too, because it’s a backlit screen, not an OLED. When it came out, it was the first Wear watch that made it through a day (16h+) for me. Samsung was a bust, and Moto360 was highly variable.

BUT THEN… LG/Google upgraded the Wear software, and battery life dropped to below 12h, essentially rendering it useless.

No worries, though, this one has been entirely abandoned by LG, so no further software updates are forthcoming – nor have been in over a year. This means the latest Google Fit and other goodies simply won’t work.

I’m wearing mine right now. Mine always makes it through the day, fit seems to work, and I’ve received lots of updates. It works quite well IMO. Worth a shot if you want to give it a shot for less than $100

$109.99 on the Mother Ship for the exact same refurb watch. So this price is pretty hot. It does much more than my Pebble classic, so I’m in for one.

Having owned this watch for about a year, I would disagree with all of this. The watch has received several updates, a few of which really improved the battery life, and it easily makes it through the day. You can use google fit (although I don’t since it seemed to kill my phone’s battery). It’s a great watch. Not a particularly attractive to look at watch, but a great watch.

I got one last time it was up on Woot. Battery life was terrible the first few days. I finally did a factory reset and now make it through the day with about 60% left. For the price it’s a great entry into smartwatches!

I got mine not too long ago and it took the recent update as well as other updates. Works fine. I’ve even made it three days with turning it off nightly.