LG G Watch Powered by Android Wear

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LG G Watch Powered by Android Wear
Price: $59.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Friday, Feb 19 to Wednesday, Feb 24) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Purchased one of these the last time they were available and it was by far the worst purchase ever. This smart(Dumb)watch needs to be destroyed… other than caller id and maps its worthless.

Great watch for the price. I upgraded this from a 2nd gen pebble and haven’t looked back. Not as slick as the Urban or Huawei, but not as expensive.

If you want to tip your toe into android wearables, this is a good place to start.

$64 shipped… with a 90d warranty. OR, $99 shipped with a 1y warranty at the mother ship.

I’ll pass.

I got one of these a while back when Verizon was closing them out. For the price I really like it. When making/receiving phone calls you cannot speak through the watch. However, the biggest value it has for me is the ability to see what notifications I have without having to dig my phone out of my pocket. You can also reply to texts via voice recognition through the watch. Navigation on the watch is great too. You can get almost 2 days on a charge with light - medium use.

I’m wearing the one I got from Woot a few weeks ago right now! I’d say if you’re curious about smartwatches, this is a good place/price to start. Not having to dig my phone out of my pocket for every little notification is great. I also use it a lot when I’m driving for media controls and the occasional navigation. Definitely reduces hassle, and helps save battery life compared to keeping my phone screen on without a charger.

I got one of these the last time it was on woot. So far so good. If you want to try Android wear, this is great deal. Mine showed up in perfect condition. The only annoying thing was the first day, it had to update several times before getting to the latest version.

Works well with most notifications - including hangouts (can respond via voice to text messages - works well), gmail notifications - can even read the message, google now. Works well with google maps - phone can be in your pocket and can navigate reasonably well with the notifications. Works well with IFTTT’s DO button application. Wish it could charge with USB (requires a special dock), but at least Battery life is 2+ days if you don’t keep the screen on all the time.

i bought one of these before and was disappointed hoping it did more. I did save for the curve watch and its awesome, some apps let you do YouTube, or the mini Opera browser, responding to chat is a lil finnicky but overall better than this…as i edit this, for the price it isn’t bad.

Buy it for what it is – very very cheap, very very basic. It’s abandoned by LG and Google, so whatever software is on it, that’ll be it. Won’t work with more recent versions of Google Fit.