LG G3 32GB Unlocked GSM (S&D)

anyone know if these phones are former Tmobile with Tmobile firmware?

Newbe here. I have a LG L90 by T-mobile. Will my sim fit without trimming and will my 32gb memory card work as well. Basically plug and play? Since it’s unlocked, can I use it overseas and will I get 4g lite here in the US? Lastly does anyone have any input on its GPS?

I guess I’ll pass then. Thanks for the feedback.

Will this phone work with verizon?

Waiting to hear back from customer service if they will offer an exchange or refund if the screen is scratched. I don’t care if it still works fine, I do not want a phone with a big scratch in the screen. Will post what I find out from them.

Any word yet?

Yes, this is the T-mobile LG G3

This phone will work with Verizon on 4G LTE bands bBand4-AWS, Band2-1900MHz. Will not work on 2G nor 3G.

Both L90 and G3 use a Micro Sim card, so shouldn’t be any problem swapping out sims. Even though this phone is a T-mobile G3, it only works on some of the Bands (4G LTE). Best call T-mobile and ask them about it (G3 D851) No clue about international compatibility.