LG G3 32GB Verizon Wireless & GSM Unlocked (S&D)

I know that they are probably stock photos but the white one has an AT&T logo on the back. Can someone confirm that both colors are the Verizon variant that will be partially crippled on the AT&T network?

There is no place to choose GSM (AT&T) or CDMA (Verizon only) models. How do you get me the right phone??? Because GSM absolutely does not work on Verizon’s network.

Anyone can tell me if it is work on T-mobile network?

Unlocked GSM phone means that it wouldn’t be locked into a specific carrier network. However, the model listed for sale, LG VS985, is a Verizon specific model number.

LG has different model numbers for specific carriers.

Here is the list of different model variants of the LG G3

LG D850 — AT&T(U.S.)
LG D851 — T-Mobile US
LG LS990 — Sprint (U.S.)
LG VS985 — Verizon Wireless (U.S.)
LG US990 — U.S. Celluar (U.S.)
LG AS985 — other regional Carrier (US)

I hope that helps.

If I had the $$, I’d be getting this deal! This is an excellent phone, and I need (yes need!) to get this for my sister.

I’ve been chatting with our buyer about these. These phones are unlocked for GSM carriers (At&t, T-Mobile are the big ones) and also unlocked for the Verizon network.

The bottom line is if I buy one and it won’t work on Verizon, am I covered under the ability to return it for a full refund?

Operating system is 4.4 Kit Kat. Are these upgradable to 5.1?

LG and Verizon have actually started updating the LG G3 to 6.0 Marshmallow.

I am looking for a new phone for international travel. Meaning, I’d like a smart phone that I can use by purchasing a sim card when I arrive in a particular country. Can this phone be used internationally if I am able to purchase a sim card in that country and I am able to use the country’s frequency?

We won’t have that information but you might try this site.

the question to ask is which lte bands does it support. a phone that will be able to place calls is great but most people will are also dependant on the lte data speeds and would feel that the phone is cripples if only capable of 3g speeds

yes, this would be a good choice. unlocked gsm is the requirement and this would certainty fit the bill.

i have the T-mo version which i use on the att network and like it, especially for the price.

for anyone having trouble understanding how a varizon phone(cdma) could possibly work on gsm radio towers: many modern varizon phones have multiple radios inside to be able to work on both cdma and gsm and do indeed have a sim card slot for the gsm functionality

I understand that they have GSM radios enabled , but will they be able to take full advantage of ATT’s LTE data network ?

I asked and was answered thusly: yes

Not according to gsm arena. They list it has having 2 lte bands, 4 and 13 if i remember correctly, att uses 4 and a different one. I forget the numbers but no this wont have full lte functionality on att network.

If anyone wants to find out more, google gsm arena or a similar website to find the lte network specs and compare that to what your carrier uses, you can easily find both via google

How can it if it’s a Verizon model phone?

Can you confirm with the buyer that only the LG VS985 model will be sold?

These are also GSM Unlocked

Currently this is the only model we have for this sale, just in different colors.