LG G4 32GB (S&D) T-Mobile

Avoid this junk.
I purchased it last time and it boot looped after 4 months. The extended repair offered by lg was denied due to woot having refurbished it and damaging the sticker.
Save yourself the agrivation.

I can’t speak to the LG vs. Woot aspect, but I bought my G4 new from T-Mobile the day it came out and am on my third one under warranty for exactly this problem. Love the phone, would not buy with only a 90 day warranty.

Same problems as previous comments. AVOID. My wife is on her third phone in 1.5 years and I am on my second knowing that it’s only a matter of time. LG should have recalled the phones, but they obviously don’t care. T-Mobile was able to replace the phone with a used one, but it took almost a month last time. My wife ended up having to buy another phone in the interim.

Yup- stay away from the LG G4, mine also needed the motherboard replaced as did 3 other people I work with that I knew had this phone. The funny thing is that my daughter has an LG G2 that she uses with Freedompop. That is actually a better made phone than the G4. It “only” has a 1920x1080 screen (vs quad HD), but it operates much smoother and doesn’t feel as cheap as the G4. The hexacore processor is junk in the G4, it wastes battery and does not perform well. I’ve traded in my LG G4, I was really apprehensive about getting another LG phone, but after reading countless reviews I got the LG V20. The V20 is a whole different experience- (probably the best overall smartphone available) than the LG G4, but its new and expensive.

I agree with everyone here. I had an LG phone (bought refrbed on Ebay) that was the greatest phone ever for 3 months, and then I got the boot loop.

LG hasn’t been at all forthcoming with what’s causing a VERY significant number of their phones to malfunction, so I wouldn’t buy another G4 unless I got it for free AND it had a great replacement warranty.

It’s a shame that such an otherwise great phone has been reduced to garbage by poor PR on LG’s part.

(I replaced it with a G3, which is still going strong 6 months later, but has a crap camera.)

So Woot wouldn’t have had the bootloop hardware issue fixed as part of “restore to full working order?”