LG G4 32GB Unlocked GSM (S&D)

Avoid this junk.
I purchased it last time and it boot looped after 4 months. The extended repair offered by lg was denied due to woot having refurbished it and damaging the sticker.
Save yourself the agrivation.

LG G4 phones rolled off the assembly line with a fatal flaw to the motherboard that causes them to die early. Countless cases of “bootloop” error - search the interwebs and read all about it. I know from experience, mine died 9 months after I bought it brand spankin’ new. LG refused to repair it because the unlocked version “wasn’t covered by warranty in my region”. It’s a really great phone, but no way I’d buy one with a 90 day warranty.

The G4 I got from Woot boot-looped within a week or so. I sent it in to LG under warranty, within 2 weeks I had a repaired phone fixed free of charge. 4 months later and it’s working great. I recommend sending it in to LG for repair as soon as you receive it.

They have some crazy fix for this G4 and others, must be a bad solder joint as the fix was to toss in oven in glass pan at 350f for 10 minutes, many people claiming it fixed their devices. The just pulled out the mainboard, if you have n warranty and using the LGE tools don’t work, worth a shot… I have a G4 with the newer serial that don’t have this issue, happy with mine.

My LG G4 just came down with the boot loop issue this week, I’ve owned it for a year and 4 months. Lg’s warranty only runs for a year. Kinda terrible for the $600 I paid for the thing.

I bought my G4 new from T-Mobile the day it came out and am on my third one under warranty for exactly this problem. Love the phone, would not buy with only a 90 day warranty.

Same thing happened to me. Beware!

Do not buy one of these LG G4s or you will just be buying another phone in 4 months when your phone starts doing the boot loop, and neither Woot or LG will make you whole.

My first G4 experienced the boot loop problem about 9 months after owning it. LG wouldn’t repair it since it wasn’t tied to a carrier (H815). I liked the phone enough to order another one, thinking the issue was resolved since it had a newer serial number. About 8 months later the new phone did the same thing. LG also wouldn’t repair this one. I’d stay away.

Wow! Thank you guys for your input! I wonder if the G3 also boot loops or is it only the g4?

Yup- stay away from the LG G4, mine also needed the motherboard replaced as did 3 other people I work with that I knew had this phone. The funny thing is that my daughter has an LG G2 that she uses with Freedompop. That is actually a better made phone than the G4. It “only” has a 1920x1080 screen (vs quad HD), but it operates much smoother and doesn’t feel as cheap as the G4. The hexacore processor is junk in the G4, it wastes battery and does not perform well. I’ve traded in my LG G4, I was really apprehensive about getting another LG phone, but after reading countless reviews I got the LG V20. The V20 is a whole different experience- (probably the best overall smartphone available) than the LG G4, but its new and expensive.

I didn’t own a G3, but I know that it had its share of issues also. The LG G2 was a decent phone (slightly better than a Samsung S4 spec wise)- depending on what you need it for, I would recommend that if you’re sticking with LG- just make sure the battery was replaced if you get a refurb. Otherwise HTC or Samsung would also be good choices.

I agree with everyone here. I had an LG phone (bought refrbed on Ebay) that was the greatest phone ever for 3 months, and then I got the boot loop.

LG hasn’t been at all forthcoming with what’s causing a VERY significant number of their phones to malfunction, so I wouldn’t buy another G4 unless I got it for free AND it had a great replacement warranty.

It’s a shame that such an otherwise great phone has been reduced to garbage by poor PR on LG’s part.

(I replaced it with a G3, which is still going strong 6 months later, but has a crap camera.)

Yep. Like all the other comments in this thread. Stay away due to the boot-loop. Sprint gave me two new G4s after they started experiencing the boot loop issue after 4-6 months. They finally gave me a G5 now, so hopefully that has better luck.

Your strategy makes sense.

This offer only comes with a Woot Warranty and It appears Woot’s remedy is replacement. Did your purchase have a different Warranty or did LG charge you for the repair?

I purchased mine from a T_Mobile store. I got the dreaded bootloop after about 18 months. T_Mobile refused to do anything about it. I returned it to LG who charged me for the repair ($72) which included shipping both ways.LG admitted it was an issue but only covered it under the 12 month from purchase or 15 months from date of manufacturer, even though it was a known manufacturing defect.

This will be my last purchase of an LG product!

I have had the G3 for 2 1/2 years and it does not have the loop problem. The G3 is the best phone I’ve had and you can find them on Amazon, etc.