LG G4 32GB Unlocked GSM (S&D)

worth buying?

explain “scratch and dent” please

Scratch & Dent: These units have been restored to full working order. They may have minor cosmetic blemishes to the body of the unit and surface scratches on the screen. This will not impair use of the device.

Screen scratches? Really?

It is possible that the phone you order may have screen scratches, but they will not impede the functionality of the phone overall.

Someone will get the one I bought (and returned) from the last G4 “Grade A refurbished” sale that had a cracked flash lens. I think they are just using the customers to do the sorting for them.

@TaylorSwiftsHaircut Do you know if the dreaded G4 bootloop issue has been resolved in the phones you are selling? http://www.androidauthority.com/lg-admits-g4-bootloop-problem-hardware-fault-669603/
If that problem occurs within your warranty period, can we return the phone?

You can definitely return if that issue occurs. You’ll just need to send your order details and issue to support@woot.com; CS will get you squared away.

They lied and said the phone was unlocked and it isn’t. I’ve contacted customer service about this and they sent me some bs generalized email that didn’t address my issue at all. Now I have a phone I can’t use and I’m out almost $200. This is my first experience with this site as a recommendation from a coworker but it will probably be my last. Much more of a headache than it should have been.

I’m sorry for the problem. Let me check in with our customer service for you.

So, I was excited to get this and it worked for a day or so very well. I received the dreaded “boot loop” like many other G4 users have. Not sure what they refurbished on the device but the mobo for these should have been the first stop. Luckily Woot customer service is very good and understanding. A+++++. I haven’t had this good of cs in a long time.

What about if the issue happens outside of the 30 day warranty?

You’d still need to reach out to support@woot.com; CS will take a look at your account and review any available options.