LG G4 32GB Verizon & GSM Unlocked (S&D)

The G4 (and very similar V10) has widespread bootlooping issues. I would avoid it at any cost.

Hmmm I’ve had a G4 for a couple years and it’s been a great phone. One of the few that still has a removable battery.

I own one now and use it every day. Dropped one and destroyed it. I also had one have boot loop issues. All were bought on here or Amazon as refurbs. Love the phone but sadly it is a bit of a gamble when it comes to boot loop issues.

Ditto that, RUN fast. We went through 4 G4s with Verizon. 3 with bootloops bn and 1 with another problem I can’t recall. Finally got replaced with another brand, the store was busy and we were about to make a scene. No one should go through that many phones in less than 2 years.

similar here…except I did make a scene in the Sprint store and got kicked out. I got the last laugh after calling corporate and making that same store give me a new phone. But yeah, stay well away from the G4.

Agreed. Mine got the boot loop, and it was part of the SKU that LG claimed was immune.

Do not buy.

2 months ago I bought 4 refurb G4s off Ebay. The seller sent a bonus one for a total of 5. Out of those 5 only 2 remain working. I returned 2 for refunds and on the 3rd failure I tried the heat gun remedy that’s all over Youtube. It lasted a few more days but went back to it’s bootloop. It now sits in a drawer in case one of the kids cracks a screen on one of the 2 remaining phones. It’s definitely a gamble but IF you get one that lasts it’s a great phone for only $90.

Avoid the G4 at all cost. Fortunately I had insurance on the phone, exchanged it three times. First time, frozen, won’t do anything. Second time, half the screen went kaput. Third time, the dreaded bootloop. Thankfully the insurance upgraded me to the G6 (no issues so far, knock on wood), but I would never touch the G4, even if offered for free.

In theory the LG G4 was a good phone spec wise, unfortunately something was up with the hardware they used on this model.I had an LG G4 and 2 others I work with. All of our G4s failed after about a year. I was really hesitant about going back to LG for a phone after that, but I got the V20 and it’s doing pretty well so far. I like the ear phone jack, removable back and SD card slot. I don’t need a phone made out of glass so that it shatters when dropped, or a curved screen so that when you attach a glass screen protector it doesn’t adhere completely. I don’t need a phone to be waterproof either- because they make waterproof cases and bags if I decide to snorkel with it. I want a great screen, a great processor and the items I mentioned before. A plastic body is just fine because it’s more durable and everyone puts a case on their phone anyway. Oh and my last annoyance is making phones super thin…WHY? So we can drop them easier or because we want even less battery capacity. I don’t get it- I understand thin, but I don’t need a wafer that can’t last 4 hrs under use either. OK- my rants over.

what’s a bootloop?

When your phone tries to boot itself over and over again resulting in nothing more than a hot warming device.

My wife is on her third G4 in two years and I am on my second. LG should have recalled these ridiculous phones. I will never buy another LG phone.

If your Woot G4 develops bootloop issue, what would SquareDeal do?

I’m concerned because Woot is not a listed Online Retailer for SDeal’s terms and conditions.

Bought for young daughter for Christmas 2017.
Worked one day and now it don’t
Keeps rebooting but never actually turning on​:frowning::frowning::confused::worried::confounded: