LG G7 Fit 32GB Smartphone - Unlocked

LG G7 Fit 32GB Smartphone - Unlocked

The best feature about this phone is its quad DAC. It makes a huge difference in music quality when connected through its 3.5mm headphone jack. Otherwise the specs are basically the same as a 2016 flagship. Oh, the display is great too.

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Considered a “lower-tier” phone, this is equipped with a slower processor and a last-gen GPU, making it closer to a flagship phone that may have come out 1-2 years before this was released (2018). But, LG’s got their game spot-on with their audio hardware using dedicated chip(s) to achieve “quad” DAC. I’ve owned an LG device with this audio hardware and it is sublime.

Ref: https://www.gsmarena.com/lg_g7_fit-9305.php

For a BRAND NEW device, this ain’t too shabby. But the price right now doesn’t make this a mind-blowing deal. Only just reasonable.


down from $1000 seems like an outright lie, considering its price on other sites.

Eh, that’s MSRP. AKA, LG’s dream price.

My wife and I have G6’s and we’ve been happy with them. But when LG sent me a G7 as a warranty exchange for one of the G6’s, I gave it to a friend. Why? Because you can unlock the bootloader and root a G6, but not a G7. A shame, really, because it looked like it was a nice phone, but root is a must-have for me.

I have owned four LG products and everyone of them died with reboot of death syndrome. Shame, cause they are great when working.

Note that this is not a standard G7 “ThinQ”, but rather the lower-tier version they’re calling the G7 “Fit” - meant to be a cheaper substitute.

Since this phone does not have band 71, it is missing t_mobile’s longest range 600Mhz band