LG Home Theater

Anybody buy the soundplate the last time Woot had it? Comments? Does it work well with the optical input? How’s the sound? Bluetooth work well with phones and tablets?

I found this article about the soundplate. It sounds like it’s a pretty good unit and especially at this great price.

Any of the LAP340 past offer had any issue with the units bought, I wasn´t really sure about getting one of those back then, and I would like to know if they worked properly, if there’s any issue to make a comment about. Before I decide if I get one or not.

Please share!

What’s the weight limit of what can be placed on top of the soundplate? It says up to a 55" TV, but does that include an older 55" plasma, which would probably be twice the weight of a newer LCD. (we have an older 50" plasma that weighs about 75 pounds, I believe.)

[Found this in the online manual:](file:///C:/Users/dalcorn/Downloads/LAP340-NB_DUSALLK_MFL68164405.pdf)

Thanks. Unfortunately, my TV’s stand is 14" from front to back. Bummer. I was totally excited to get this.