LG LUV300B Upright Pet Vacuum

OMG - woot home resources must be wanting a slow day since the last Dyson took forever

Is this for upright pets? Like, say, giraffes?

I don’t know, but I sure wouldn’t want to vacuum up my darling pet gerbil, which could happen easily with such a powerful machine! :wink:

There has to be a “First Sucker” joke in there somewhere

What kind of Dyson is this?

My trigger finger is itchy on this one. I wanted this vacuum a year ago – but couldn’t justify the almost $400 price (for ANY sucking vacuum!)

Just as I was about to ‘pull the trigger’ I noticed on LG’s website http://www.lg.com/us/vacuum-cleaners/lg-LuV300B-upright-vacuum that the vacuum has been discontinued. hmmm…I wonder how the 5yr warranty will work with THAT?? Anyone know?

It’s the Wannabe. Spice Girls had a song about it…

No, there really isn’t.

Shouldn’t affect it in any way. Why would it?

I bought this for my labrador and she did not enjoy it

What happens 4.5 years down the road (or even 2) when the part that breaks on your vacuum, isn’t made anymore, and all the spares are gone?

People have all sorts of things that require repair, under warranty or not, long after new models are no longer available. (I bought my vacuum cleaner in the 1980’s and still get it fixed as needed.)