LG PetCare Canister Vac LCV900B



I’m starting to think woot needs a vacuum section…
Sweet vac none-the-less.


Looks like a HALO helmet


Ok. Question… So when i’m vacuuming my cat with this, will I have to worry that it will get sucked up in this thing or are there safety features in place to avoid this?


Here is the LG website featuring this vacuum and its 500$ MSRP

You can find this brochure on that site too


I have a different LG model vacuum and I can say, it beats out any of my previous ones. Even a very high end one that rhymes with Ryson. In fact I used the LG after using the Ryson and the amount of dirt it left behind was gross. I even lost one of the accessories and called up to find out where to get a replacement, LG sent me a new one at no cost (didn’t even charge me shipping). When my old Rony (sounds like) died, I replaced it with the LG and could say if they made cars I would buy one. LG is picking up the slack from manufacturers that just became lazy and/or complacent. You can’t go wrong with an LG.


I have vacuumed my big guy with this… he’s still wandering my home. Yes, I vacuum my long-haired cats… LOL


Does this come with an attachment designed to catch and comfortably hold your pet in place while you vacuum them?

My dogs are pretty fast, quite agile and they live in a big backyard and this thing doesn’t look all that portable.


Oh SUUUUUREEEEE! I just paid $40 more for this 2 weeks ago from Best Buy. Gee thanks woot for making me wish I’d waited and saved a few $. Here’s my review…

suction – excellent
noise – far quieter than you’d expect, still trying to figure out how they did that
bin emptying – awesome, the compacting makes it far less messy than my old dyson was for that
ease of use – excellent

I’m pretty happy with it so far, and I have 7 cats who create rolling fur tundra in my home daily… it does a good job of keeping that in check.

The only issue so far is the power head drops off whenever you bump into any obstacle – that’s likely to keep from damaging it, but it can be annoying… I just stick the wand back in and keep going, but I’ve cursed at it a couple of times now.


Serves you right for shopping at Best buy. lol


Best Buy = 30 day return policy. Buy this and return your current one in the morning. Problem solved. My consulation fee is 330$ :slight_smile:


Another vacuum? Really woot? At least it’s not a Dyson but come on.


Anyone know if this is UL Listed?


Just bought this via Amazon Prime for $30 more two days ago. I have the PetCare Plus version, but it looks identical to me.

Power is absurd. We had vacuumed our area rug the day before with a Hoover Commercial backpack vac. It looked clean.

Fired this thing up last night. Did 1/3 of the area rug and there were two large cakes of fur/dust in the bin, to the point that I emptied it just to have a look. The suction on high makes it difficult to push the head around on the carpet because it sucks it so much. Even bare floor with the agitator off, it will suction to the floor and give significant resistance.

I just can’t believe the power of this thing. Using it on “MIN” power setting, it still sucks up more than my shop vac. Well done LG.


I’m not sure why your vacuum head keeps falling off, mine never has. Did the retaining pin at the end of the tube get stuck inside the tube?

I have had one of these for almost a year now, and it is EXCELLENT…2 cats, 1 dog, 2 kids…it has great suction, much quieter than any other vacuum I’ve had (upright or canister)…a worthwhile investment.


LG’s website calls this vacuum the “Pet Care Plus”.

I was debating on getting this vacuum but your review has helped me decide to get the little sucker.


Damn you Wooters. I was only going to read the comments for research purposes, but y’all have convinced me to buy.

Well played.


Thanks for the suggestion, but then I’m waiting for it to arrive and… well, did I say 7 cats? Being without a working vacuum for more than a day is a problem around here… the walls start growing fur.


Hey, at least it’s another amazing vacuum. I was looking to buy it on amazon like 3 days ago and just saved my cart instead, glad I did. Look at the amazon reviews on this thing. Being compared to durability like it’s an old electrolux. I’ll be picking one up.


Nope – my big guy is just so used to it he just lays there and lets me vacuum him. Use the small brush and keep it moving… try the “min” setting for suction. Goofball actually seems to like it. Been vacuuming him for years.