LG PetCare Canister Vac

Hey! That’s my space helmet!

I bought this a couple of weeks ago and I can tell you it really sucks. No, really it does. It sucks so much better than my other vacuum. The handle controls are the best too.

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4.1 of 5 at Best Buy

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I got one of these from the woot plus deal they had a little while back. I love it. It’s powerful enough to pick up a houseful of cat hair but portable enough to go up and downstairs. I would say the power is on par with my Dyson pet vacuum but I like how maneuverable the LG is. I’ve found I don’t use the Dyson anymore because I don’t like lugging it around. And the tank is spacious on the LG. I’ve vacuumed my whole house twice and still haven’t had to empty the tank. With my Dyson I feel like it would lag if I didn’t empty the tank after vacuuming one floor. To the point: this is a great vacuum. Well worth the money.

Got this from Woot a few weeks ago.

Works so much better than all past vacuums. Filled a few canisters of dust from just vacuuming the downstairs a few days after going over it with the old Hoover vac.

I paid over $400 for this vacuum about six months ago. It is amazing!!! The suction is incredible, it’s easy to carry up and down the stairs and emptying the canister is not a ‘dirty’ job like other bagless vacs.

Can this replace my Electrolux Oxygen3?