LG Portable LED Projector with Smart TV

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LG Portable LED Projector with Smart TV
Price: $449.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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4.5 Stars over at Best Buy

I have always wondered why you would purchase a projector over a flat screen TV? Any one?

I bought a Casio LED several years ago for twice this price. I’ve used it mostly for it’s portability, but also as an extra, huge TV for movies or MarioKart at large family gatherings. I’ve also got a pull-down screen installed on my deck for summertime outdoor movies. I certain don’t use it a lot, but it’s nice to have it available.
I love the features on this LG model (wish mine had USB; always have to connect it to a laptop or tablet). Can’t beat the 20-30,000 hour lifespan. The only fundamental difference I see between this LG and my Casio is the lumens (700 for this one, while mine is 2,000). That said, I’ve viewed content on LED pico projectors at just 30-50 lumens, and based on that, 700 should be plenty.
The best thing I did was buy a ROKU stick for my projector. But this LG already has Smart TV apps built-in. Seeing this deal is giving me buyer’s remorse. I’d rather have this one.

I’d rather the Casio based on lumens alone. That brightness is the only reason why you can do movie night on the deck. I bet you wouldn’t be able to do it with this one.

Try to find a 100" - 300" flat screen and price it out compared to a projector and motorized screen. I have an Optima HD26 in my living room with a motorized screen that is hidden in the ceiling. I turn on the projector and the shelf that the projector is on drops out of the ceiling with a linear actuator and the screen drops as well at the same time. When the projector is off, it doesn’t even look like I have a TV in there, but when it’s on, I have a 170" 1080p 3D TV that “magically” appears. Something isn’t generally affordable when you’re looking at a flat screen. And for any gamers wondering if the Kinect for the Xbox 360 and One works with a projector, it does, but the projector has to be a ceiling mount and you have to be standing outside of the projected image path.

Read the specs on this unit. You are not get full hd screen resolution.
At the range this unit projects you will be very disappointed.
I would not even use this for power point presentations.
At this resolution the price should be $199.

I own this projector and even though it is only 700 lumens and 720p, it’s looks good in low light and really good in a dark room. Wireless works pretty well, plays video from my plex server on an old iMac without a lag. Only thing I do not like is the single hdmi port. Needed to buy a 3 port hdmi hub.

The magic remote is a really cool and there are some good built in apps apps.

Video games work well, I’m not much of a gamer but we have a ps3 and xbox 360 hooked up and the kids think it looks great.

See youtube for some good video reviews and it’s basically the same as the pa75. I paid a couple hundred dollars more for a new model.

Fan is not too noisy (A little quitter than my 8 year old projector) and the built in speakers are ok in a small room.

Way back, I chose a $1,200 projector with a 106" screen over a $4,000 50" flat screen.

But you really need the right room lighting for a projector. The ex-wife’s complaint was that she felt like she was living in a cave watching TV during the day.


Brand new. Same price. Plus they have a return policy, Woot does not accept returns unless it is broken.

[MOD EDIT: Newegg link is for PB63U model (500 watts); Woot’s is PA77U]

Only it’s a totally different model number with completely different specs. C’mon on.

I actually own this projector so I can give a real review, not just speculation on the “specs”

Well you’re missing a great projector. If you search the web for reviews you’ll see all the happy customers with the picture. The brightness is actually pretty good. It also has great color, very vibrant. The noise levels are also very low. For those in smaller rooms will appreciate how quiet it is. I’m currently getting a 62" picture at 6 feet. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. For the price of this refurbished you won’t find a better projector with this picture quality and features. I bought mine brand new and paid about $200 more. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy this one again.

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