LG Progressive Scan DVD / Divx Player with HD Upconversion



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LG Progressive Scan DVD / Divx Player with HD Upconversion
$59.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Refurb
product(s): 1 LG Progressive Scan DVD Player with HD Upconversion - DVB418


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12:00 AM 600 Mystery Brand 6 Piece 100 watt Speaker Set
12:08 AM 200 Monster Big Screen TV Kit
12:49 AM 50 Nikko 1/14 Scale Lancer Evo High Performance R/C Car
12:57 AM 20 Beyond Smart Mill & Brew Coffee Maker
1:06 AM 18 HP F1903 19 inch LCD Monitor
1:13 AM 70 Vivitar Vivicam 8.1MP Digital Camera
2:12 AM 70 Cook‘s Essentials Chocolate Treat Maker
2:18 AM 100 Saitek 104-Key Eclipse Keyboard - Special Night-Vision Red Edition
2:28 AM 24 AMW 10.2" Portable DVD Player


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i debated if i should get this last time, i have an hdtv, but ive heard defective comments about this item… anyone?


they have these at a local media center, or at least a similar model; really great for something thatll be used hard, and really userfriendly so good if youre getting it for a kid who you dont want having to mess up, plus the price is about $40 cheaper than any other refurb ov this type, great woot, but not needed for most wootsumers


So is this Divx as in things I download from das Intarweb or is this Divx as in the obsolete disc-eating-laser-so-pay-to-view asshattery?


Oooo I would have passed on the LG player after all the problems we had with them. If you have issues, check the thread where we posted about it last time. There are some instructions on flashing the firmware that worked for some folks. I had to RMA mine.


How can it sell out that fast? I like to read a little about the product before I buy it. I really wanted this!


Can’t believe I missed this! Was I catnapping? Did I just have the only sleep I will have all night?
How much did ths go for?


I bought it when they offered it last time and let me tell you, don’t believe the hype! The bad hype I mean. I love the thing! It’s great for “those” movies you download. Drop them on a memory stick and whammo! I also read some HD Review somewhere and they hammered it. I mean, it made me feel like I might have wasted my money. I’m using it with my InFocus 61" DLP (thx w00t!) and man, this thing has a great picture.

Anyhow, I hope those 20 of you who got one have as much good luck with it as I have!


I have this and Bought it off Ebay and love it. but it was cheaper $54.00 on Jan 20th. I love it and have had ZERO problems. The other night I downloaded WMV - HD video files at 1080p and wanted to burn a disc to see the HD videos but I could not figure out a way to get it at 1080p the software could only do it at 720i and Divx does not go over 720x??? and no more then 2Mb/s . . . oh well but the videos look great on my laptop. but this is not a HD DVD player . . . I wonder if I bought the 1080p DVDs off of the Windows WMV HD site if the LG DVD player would play them all nice and cool.