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I have the LG HW350T model. bought it from someone at amazon about 1 year ago for $500. I had to do a bunch of research to figure out the difference between the models. I think that one supports wifi. mine’s come with the wifi dongle in the box. pretty nice. if the room is dark enough, a 12’ image looks fine. I have a semi-dark room with a 80" screen and it looks great in the daytime. you can’t really tell missing the 1080p. if you have blueray, then somewhat you can, but you’ll have to look hard. it plays everything (all file formats) I toss it. from old divx format to flv to mkv. can’t complain for <$500. the noise is not too bad. I have mine setup on a small tripod.

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What am I missing this looks like a pretty good projector for the $. (LG BX327)

Am I missing something?

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do these come with new bulbs or is it whatever is in the projector that’s what you get? or like the optoma I didn’t buy?

Bulbs on refurbished projectors may have some life on them. The refurbishing party checks the life to make sure there’s plenty of hours left (don’t know the criteria).

This seems a pretty good deal. Amazon sells it new for $17K, and it is out of production.

The design is unique. Only one lens for two light gates and bulbs, collimated internally to show through the single lens. This eliminates the keystoning with dual projectors. Passive polarization (circular, I think) is also internal, so there is nothing to place in front of the lens.

You would need a reflecting screen to preserve the polarization. This is not a white screen sequential frame DLP.

The 2500 lumens, likely measured at the screen after projection polarization, will be cut 50% by the viewing glasses, but that’s still pretty bright.

Even at about 1/3 retail it is out of my price range but $6K is not a bad deal for a 3D projector with the brightness of a dual system.

The only drawback I can see is that the throw ratio is only 1.3:1. That means that it can’t be further back from a ten foot wide screen than thirteen feet. If you have a narrow theater space about 20 feet deep, this projector would have to be amidst or over the audience.


There is no way to check on the remaining life of a lamp. It could last 5 years or blow tomorrow.

Just as trivia, the headline play on the “LG” meaning “Literally Great”, the real meaning of the acronym is “Lucky Goldstar”, as Goldstar was the company’s name previously, the same that used to sell the cheap TVs in Wal-Mart.