LG Rechargeable Cordless Stick Vacuum

LG Rechargeable Cordless Stick Vacuum

I am thinking about pulling the trigger.

Does it come with 2 batteries and 3 tools?
Anyone get one?

Yes. two batteries and these tools:

  • Power Carpet/Universal Nozzle : For use on both carpet and hardwood floors.
  • Power Mini Tool : Cleans tight spaces such as stairs and picks up pet hair from furniture.
  • 2-in-1 Combination Tool : Can be used as brush or hard nozzle depending on your cleaning needs.
  • Crevice Tool : For use in corners and narrow spaces.
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I recently purchased a refurbished unit and I am FLOORED (see what I did there).

My unit was a chargeplus model that has a floor cleaning head in addition to the universal/carpet head. Look for this unit if you have lots of non-carpeted areas.

I went so far as to buy the powered rotating mop head. All in <$500 for the equivalent of the $1000 Ultimate model (sans the auto empty stand - which runs $460 on eBay). It’s pilot cleaning will be this weekend.

Rtings.com has a nice breakdown of the models. There like 11 versions of this thing.

I smile every time I vacuum now. I’m a 52yo bachelor who now gets off on cleaning my floors. That’s gotta say something about it.


Scratch that on the mop - the mopping head only works with the 200W vacuums (A927 and up - kompressor models, but not ALL kompressors).

I was more than disappointed when I tried it last evening. At least my eBay seller accepts returns!