LG Series 8 OLED65C8AUA 65in 4K Ultra TV

LG Series 8 OLED65C8AUA 65in 4K Ultra TV

Does anyone know what the chances of image retention are on this set?

I have this set. Not a hint of image retention, though I’ve only had it about 6 months. I did a TON of research - tech articles, user forums, reviews, testing - and the consensus was that fears of image retention are way overblown. Maybe if you do a lot of gaming with static images for really long times. The other thing people mention is if you watch a lot of cable news with constant chyrons you can get some retention, but I watch a fair amount and there’s never a hint of it. As long as your cable service or media box has a time-out, dynamic screen saver (which most do), you should be good. There’s also a setting on the set itself called something like “pixel-shift” that ensures you never have prolonged, static images.

The picture quality is phenomenal! First thing I did was buy a few 4K DVDs (I recommend “The Fifth Element” especially, both for content and picture :wink:) and it’s to die for. Beautiful color saturation, pitch black blacks, incredible dynamic range. Pretty fair amount of 4K content on Netflix too.

If you buy it, Google for “Recommended picture settings” for this model and you’ll find a lot of hits for professionally calibrated settings. Takes out a lot of fiddling and guesswork. That’s another thing: previous LED/LCD sets I’ve had took many weeks for the picture to stabilize. You’d adjust settings for your taste, and then end up chasing them all over the place for weeks as the set “settled in.” This thing has been rock steady.

Sorry to go on and on, but this is a great set and this is a fantastic price. Granted, it’s a refurb, but I’ve bought a fair amount of refurb stuff over the years and never had a problem. But this price is a cool $700 less than I paid new 6 months ago. At this price, I would run, not walk…

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Does anyone know what the refresh rate is on this screen?

Thanks in advance.

LG doesn’t state it. Found the info in this review.

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I’m right on the edge of purchasing this TV.
I’ve been in the market for a CX but this seems like a really good deal with not a lot of difference between them except eARC and HDMI 2.1.
I’m only a bit concerned about the woot warranty on the off chance something is wrong with the tv (stuck or dead pixels, etc)

Anyone with a bit more knowledge on the subject care to chime in?

Hi there. You can purchase an extended warranty. Look for this widget at the top of the features on a device that supports Flash (don’t ask).


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Who refurbished this?

Hello. It’s refurbished by one of our 3rd party vendors.

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So not manufacturer refurbished?

Iol @ don’t ask about flash…I use the app and I don’t think I’ve ever seen the extended warranty option…

No, as mentioned right above this post :w_tongue:, it’s refurbished by a 3rd party.

You might try another browser/device. I pulled that screen shot direct from the product sale page.

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