LG Smart Portable Air Conditioner

Hey there. For those of you that purchased it previously, we worked with the vendor on the packaging of this item.

Per the vendor:

To avoid damage during transit, the unit comes packaged with 4-corner reinforcement, added cardboard and cushion to the bottom, and support straps across the exterior​.

Any extended warranty options available?

I got one in the first round when the packaging was not as durable. It works great, despite arriving with box disintegrated. Arrived without the remote control so I cannot get to all the included functions.

Support does not answer or seem to care. What went wrong WOOT? You used to take care of customers.

I’m really sorry that your unit arrived without a remote. Have you checked your email’s spam folder for a reply from Customer Service? Sometimes their replies get tangled up there. If you check you spam folder and still don’t have any reply from them, please send me a private message and I’ll help you out.

Sorry, no.

UPDATE: Yes, it’s been added.

The web page says there is a 1 year warranty, but when you click on the link it shows a pdf of a typewritten page that says it is a 90 day warranty by what appears to be a different company/

How long is the warranty good for?

Sorry for the confusion. The warranty is 1 year KMS. The home team is working to get updated warranty info for the link.

Update: Warranty link has been corrected.

The same warranty is still posted.

"After the GCR Warranty of 90 days KMS will warranty the unit for the remaining 270 days with parts or
similar/same product replacement with the same exclusions, limitations, and proof of purchase that is
required from GCR.  GCR is the warranty program for the initial 90 day period after this please contact
KMS at customerservice@1kms.com or 800‐752‐5262. "

Sorry. My mistake. I didn’t scroll to page 2. It’s 90 days through GCR and the remaining with KMS.

We’ve combined the two pages onto one so it’s easier to read.

Hope that helps.

For those that have this and have used it, does it have a system for the water condensation? Or does it have a drip pan that has to be emptied?

It does have a pump inside of the product to drain the unit. The picture in the manual shows it being pumped into a bucket on the ground.

How does one actually get the unit serviced from GCR? The unit arrived not working and the only solution provided is a return label? I purchased the unit because I want to use it, not so that I can return it because WOOT/LG can’t get it together.