LG Stereo Bluetooth Headset

uggg i felt it… i was wrong


what is going on???

i got these from the last BOC and use them almost everyday. they are awesome.

those went fast!!!

Me too. :frowning:

What! Sold out already!? did they have like 1?

Haha this was sold out before it even showed up on my screen.

That was quick

Wow, 2 for sale. That was worth it.

I am in for 33 !!!

WTF this is totally hosed.

Bought two pairs of these in a prior Woot-Off. LG won’t provide support. They say that Woot isn’t an authorized retailer. Woot is supposed to be refunding my money for them.

I had the same problem, and woot refunded my money within a few days of my telling them about the problem. Unfortunately, I’d rather have the headphones. They did work very well, though the ‘feature’ of pushing the right ear to redial the last number was extremely irritating.

So woot had 2 of these? I’m seriouslly annoyed with woot, for taking the time to considering purchasing and they had so little stock.

in case they come up again, do these also have a microphone?

From those that own them: do they fair well as a computer headset for skyping and such?

I had that same problem. My last pair stopped pairing with devices, and LG wouldn’t do a thing…but I loved them so much, 20 is worth it. I just decided to never buy LG RETAIL anymore

the audio quality on these completely suck and the left channel on mine quit working after 2 weeks.

I have these & use them almost every day. They do have a microphone that works surprisingly well.