LG Tone Platinum Bluetooth Stereo Headset

I’ve had several different LG Bluetooth headsets, and while I’m rather disappointed in the negative reviews of this model, I’m still thinking of buying one. Does anyone know what Woot’s policy is regarding returns if they end up being defective a week from now? Or a month from now? Or 3 months from now?

This product comes with a 90 Woot warranty, which covers defects to the product.

More info about our return policy here.

I’ve now had two HBS-730 headsets in black and really like them. But I would like to replace them with a different color so it’s more obvious to people that I have a headset on. I like the sleek look of these but not sure I like that all the button placement is on the side of the unit for the more recent HBS models.

I’ve been hunting for earbuds that go IN the ear! I used to buy Etymotic, but now they’re $350! I’m not going to pay that unless I can get new wires.

I’ve tried several of these “around the neck” units and they all sound terrible. Hoping these sound good and block out a lot of outside noise.