LG Tone Platinum Bluetooth Stereo Headset

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LG Tone Platinum Bluetooth Stereo Headset
Price: $59.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Wednesday, Sep 20 to Monday, Sep 25) + transit
Condition: New


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These never made sense to me. When you’re out and done wearing the choke collar, where do you put it?

Underwire Bra?
Nose Ring?
Garter Clip?

You put them around the back of your neck. Sorta like a gym towel😏

So are these compatible with any Bluetooth device?


can you charge them at same time as playing?

I hang em from the rearview mirror of my car. the beautiful thing about the design is long battery life, and they are quite comfortable when using them.

Anyone know if they work with Samsung gear s2 smart watch?

They’re designed to hide under the collar of your shirt. So they encourage you to dress up!

I can respect this option.


My post was deleted for linking to another website that has it for $10 less. If you’re smart, google it yourself and save.

Woot is weak sauce these days.
I got mine on woot the last time and they broke within 6 months.

I’ve used two other, similar LG models with my Gear S2 with no connectivity issues so I’m sure the platinums would work well. However, one or both ear buds on both models of headphones would fade out and quit working within 2-5 months of use. I kept exchanging them on warranty for almost 2yrs before I got tired of it and stopped.

These and a similar version with a larger soft flexible area have two major design flaws.

The point where the hard plastic meets the soft flexible area, it will break. Look at the reviews on the mothership about this.

The secondary problem was the neat retractile line. Unfortunately, they only work part of the time and don’t always retract fully.

Between using them at work and working outside, mine were heavily used but not abused. I still have earlier models that work just fine.

I have the Samsung gear fit2 and the infinim 910 headset and it works with it.

For the price I figured I’d take a chance. Was shocked when they arrived today.
Considering how often these are reported to break at the back of the “collar”, these shipped without a box, in nothing but a bubble wrap bag inside a bubbled envelope…seriously?
No where in the ad did it state that they don’t come in retail packaging.

My collar isn’t broken, but I did notice both the metal screens in the speakers were popped out and only barely hanging in on the inside of the rubber ear buds (because they were squished together in the bag). Thankfully this was spotted before they went in my ears.

If you’re gonna ship a $200 piece of plastic and electronics in nothing but a baggie, have the decency to tell your customers, regardless of the discounted price.

I think I’m done here at this point. All that’s left at this place seems to be mediocre deals, factory seconds, and things that aren’t quite worth the hassle of a return, but you still kinda hate yourself for keeping.

Oh, and for the product itself:
They’re quite comfortable. I can barely feel there’s anything around my neck.
Sound quality is weak though. Not the worst I’ve had, but if I had heard them first I’d never consider paying retail for these, they aren’t $200 worth of sound quality
(and yes, i said quality, not volume. They get reasonably loud, but the sound is hollow, regardless of the settings)

Just got mine, in the same disappointing shape as the previous post… Bubble wrap and a bubble mailer. The condition said new, so I’m a bit upset about this. Checked them out and they do work and aren’t broken, but this is the second time I’ve been burnt by Woot’s “condition”.

Get your crap together, Woot… At least say it’s new-bulk packaging, or don’t say “in the box” in the description.