LG TONE PLATINUM Wireless Stereo Headset

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LG TONE PLATINUM Wireless Stereo Headset
Price: $59.99
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Condition: New


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4.3 Stars at Best Buy

Is this New product or like New(refurbished)?

[MOD: These are NEW]

I’d avoid these. I owned 3 pairs of the infinims (very similar design) and all three had one ear go out within 45 days of use. I’m assuming the wires are just too thin to survive repeated retracting. Completely killed LG headphone products for me. I wouldn’t risk it with these, even if they are significantly discounted.


True, I have one and the left side is dead. I just ordered one because the price is good, got my first one at full retail… I’ll have to be very careful pulling on it with the new one.

I bought 2 of mine from the mothership, my last from our base exchange. They were awesome when they did work, but all 3 having the same problem ~15 days outside the normal in store return(luckily Amazon was cool about me returning them) date was a deal breaker for me. I got some Samsung Level U pro’s and they’ve been just as good, if not better. I don’t know if I just got that unlucky, or if I’m harsher than the average person with them, but they just annoyed me. Other than that though, the sound quality is great, and the build quality too.

They are NEW

Have to disagree with the negatives reviews above. I’ve had almost every version of this LG Headphone and have used them exclusively for working out. I particularly liked this version because the buds snap back into the housing. I hated the others versions where the buds would supposedly be held in place by magnets, they were always flopping around and one would event Halley loose the little plastic parts that hold the bud wires to the headband. Never had any issues with loosing sound on one side, they stand up to my sweaty head, and the wires appear to be pretty durable from repeated use.

If I didn’t have so many Bluetooth headphones right now I would definitely get another pair. But my experience has been excellent! :ok_hand::ok_hand::+1::+1::+1:

I have been using the LG Tone 730 for about 14 months for everything from air travel (couple trips a month) to daily bus rides and working out 4 or 5 times a week. I would consider my use border line abuse as the headphones just get thrown in a soft brief case or gym bag when I’m not wearing them. So far they have been great. Sound is decent with comply foam tips, and the. Artery life is still easily 10+ hours.
Perhaps this "improved design which retracts the cord is to blame or I just got lucky.

If they are loose you should tighten them up.

He will event halley

Been using the cheapest version of LGs with the loose cables, and have really liked them. Been looking for a reason to pick up a retractable pair and this price was can’t miss for me since I was already happy with the lower version- which oddly enough ran me just under what these cost. This is a steal in my book

I’ve owned LG 700, 710, 730 & 750. All are good. I used them every day for many hours each. I have also owned the less expensive types and had the same basic luck. These likely will sound and look better but look a little less rugged. The price is only OK.

I have this headset in silver. The Bluetooth has about an eight inch range. But if you put your phone in your shirt or pants pocket or set it down… TOO FAR.

Makes them pretty much useless.

New in Bulk Packaging? Just want to make sure, its not Chinese knock-off.


The older models were good and seems to be more reliable since you don’t need to tug on the wires to put them on. These are more professional looking, that’s why I like them. I was going to wait for the Tone Free to come out that are fully wireless, but the technology for fully wireless earbuds are not mature enough in my opinion, if I can’t get a solid 8 hours of YouTube streaming than it’s not good enough.

are these new or refurbs?