LG TONE PLATINUM Wireless Stereo Headset

Very disappointed. These are in some bulk packaging and lend itself to knock offs that have been known to be on the market. Will listen to them and see if they sound ok. May be returning these. I swear there were lots of comments on these and no all of a sudden there are no comments. One of the questions in those comments even asked if these were bulk packaging or retail packaging and I swear the answer was given that it is retail. Guess some crappy bubble wrap and a zip lock bag is retail now???

Same Here just received mine, one of the ear buds on the headphone appeared to have ear wax??? (hard to tell could be some sort of gunk but def not using the one on the headset)…shipped from New Jersey…c’mon woot, i believed in you when you said they were new…

Oh man, I’m really sorry that these didn’t meet your expectations. I’m going to report this to the vendor team. If you haven’t already, please also take some time to report the problems to Customer Service so we can have that on record.

Yeah, just got mine in today and it’s in bubble wrap. Woot really needs to start telling people “New without box”. I have the retail one so I can tell you what’s what; there are small differences like color of metal, but that could be because of manufacturing plants difference. The charging cable is completely different. This one has a USB cable and the original is a wall charger. The range is the same and so is the feel. Click the play/pause button 2 times fast and it will change modes, keep it on bass boost for the best sound. I sold my broken one for $50 if you can believe that haha so I’m good. Im sure these are real, just cheaper for them to manufacture.

So, we do note in the description that this product will come “in bulk packaging”. This typically means a plain box, or a bag and bubble wrap. However, combined with the other report of a potentially used headset, we are requesting samples from our vendor to ensure that these items meet our internal standards. If they do not, further action will be taken.

In the meantime, if you or anyone else, has any reason to believe that your headset is anything other than new- please contact Customer Service to report the issue.

I think you guys should list it next to “Condition” not under features.

Just looked at mine that ai receive a couple of days ago. The earbuds won’t retract. So I have this long wires hanging out 24/7 - I’m sure they’ll snag on something and break sooner rather than later.


If it’s not working as it should, please use the Customer Service form for assistance.

I apologize – these retract differently from my earlier set of these. (LG Tone Active) – on the old ones you yank and they retract; on these there is a button you must press press. They retract fine. Sorry for the false alarm!

I agree. I did not see the bulk packaging note although I believe it is there. I need to look again.

But putting it in the ‘condition’ area would be best so everyone knows 100%.

Good idea. Hopefully Woot will take the advice.

Thanks for the info. And good to know since you have experience with another set of the same model. I do have 2 other versions of these same headsets. I think model 760 or around there and another that is 900 and something model number.

I definitely noticed the lack of bass. So I will be reading the manual and turning on the bass boost as you suggested. Thank you for that.

Mine didn’t come with an NFC tag, was this the case with any of yours? Any idea how I can get said tag?


If you haven’t already, please use the Customer Service form for assistance. They can help.

Quality of the functions lag and not as good as the retail packaged ones I buy on ebay. Always have to fiddle to connect. Wonder if I can return this?!

If it’s not working like it should, please use the Customer Service form for assistance.