LG Tone Plus Bluetooth Stereo Headset

Excellent headphones but unlike the 750 this model does not support simultaneous connection to two devices.
Several things about these wonderful headphones:

  1. there is a filter glued to the tip of the earbuds; it can get clogged and cut off the sound level by a lot. If this happens to you, just remove it.
  2. you WILL lose or break the little clips that hold the wire to the band; you can find replacements on eBay and Amazon.
  3. they’re easy to take apart, just one little screw behind a rubber plug on each side. If you ruin the earbuds (my cat chewed out the wire on mine!) you can easily replace them with other quality earbuds (I used Koss) with simple soldering. Crack the earbuds to get the magnet, and you can superglue them to the tip of the replacement earbuds and walla! Audiophile custom LG Tone Plus.
    That’s all I have.

I found that I could not get the microphone on these to work with my Windows computer (I had hoped to use them for a VOIP phone; no such luck).

Would these be a good buy to use with my iPod to listen to Audio Books and my Music??? How comfortable are the ear bud part of this head set? Do they stay in your ears well? Thanks for any reviews.

I bought these from Amazon last December in the color Orange. I have had to RMA mine 3 times since then (11 months) because the power switch keeps breaking. My daughter has the HBS-750s in black and she has not had any issues. I don’t know if the orange plastic has different strength from other colors or if the switch design is poor. YMMV