LG Tone Plus Bluetooth Stereo Headset

The black set is $10 less over at the mothership with free shipping.


$30 is a better deal on these LG .
Woot really needs to work harder on their prices .
I bought 2 from your link , before they somehow jacking the price up .

Also ordered from this link, Thanks! I miss having the LG headset, I’ve been using Motorola Buds for a while now, just not as comfortable

Note that these have problems with certain versions of Bluetooth on Android (versions 4.4 and 6.01 for example). If you are using an affected version of Android, they will be far too loud, and can not be turned to a volume below OK-your-ears-are-not-actually-bleeding-it-just-feels-like-it. As Google just released this latest version as a “fix” for past BT issues, this may not be something that gets corrected but actually is the correction. Time will tell.


Don’t buy these if using the latest version of Android you will be sad (or deaf).

edit: These are awesome and I use them daily when Google/LG aren’t slap-fighting over how Bluetooth should work, unfortunately this has happened twice now