LG Tone Pro Bluetooth Stereo Headset



Five days since I placed my order and it still says preparing for shipment. A little long dont ya think


I had a similar problem. I contacted WOOT on October 3, they said “Upon checking the tracking details, I see that your order was shipped to USPS on September, 25, 2015.”

USPS showed “INFORMATION” sent on 25 September and no details until USPS received the package in October 8, my last expected delivery date.

This is my email to WOOT:

Okay, I am VERY upset with you folks.

You did NOT ship the headphones to USPS on September 25, you notified them a package was on its way. USPS did not even receive the package until October 8, which was my LAST expected delivery day according to your web site. Don’t lie to me.

It arrived today, October 13. It is NOT a refurbished unit, it is obviously an INCOMPLETE customer return:

The box has a broken seal.
The box is missing the 2 extra sets of ear gels
The box is missing the user manual
The box is missing the quick start guide

How do you propose to fix these issues? I am out of the country traveling in a week and these are intended to go with me for that trip.

I am about through with WOOT after many years.


Now woot offers me the opportunity to return it fir a 15% restocking fee and pay my own shipping. It seems that a product that does not match their own specs (ear gels are listed as in the package but I received none) is not a defect after all. I guess I should be glad the ear pieces I received weren’t full of ear wax when they arrived.

And still no admission of a shipping foul up.