LG Tone Pro Wireless Stereo Headset

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LG Tone Pro Wireless Stereo Headset
Price: $29.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Monday, Feb 19 to Thursday, Feb 22) + transit
Condition: New


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$20 shipped regular price on A4C. Is woot not the worst.

The devil is in the details. From A4C: “Pre Owned: Contains signs of prior usage such as cosmetic blemishes, scratches or dents.”

I don’t know about you but I don’t want something that’s been stuck in someone else’s ears.

I have had 3 different models of LG headphones, including this one. They have all broken pretty quickly. I don’t do much with them besides sitting around my neck at work for when I use them at lunch. Granted a sample size of 3.

Another note. Tried to RMA a pair that I bought from Woot and they would not honor the warranty because the receipt states it was “Bulk Packaging” and insisted I get a receipt for just one. Even talked to a “manager” with no luck, so don’t expect to RMA if you have issues. Luckily Woot was kind enough to return after about 2 months.

Edit: I actually had only bought one.

I’ve bought a few thousand dollars worth of stuff from them in the last 6 months. Including a “used” Gear S3 that was pristine. They have a 30 day no questions refund policy. I’ve only used it once and it wasn’t due to cosmetics. They sent me a label, I sent it back. You ever tried to return something to Woot? Like you don’t have 200 pair of ear phone gel covers laying around from everyset you’ve bought over the last decade. Like you don’t have a bottle of rubbing alcohol to soak them. $15 with shipping on a $35 item is worth the risk for me. Not that I’m buying them regardless.

I did get my Gear S3 for under $200 last year from them. Great watch overall. My Tag sits in its’ box now.

I bet new car salesmen love you. :wink:

**Woot: What the heck. I just tried to sign in and the site keeps wanting me to login using my “amazon account”? I had to run through the “create woot account” link and use a new “unique” name but when it logged me in, it’s still using the same user name I’ve always had. Thought I was being re-directed but tried a different browser and got the same persistent Amazon account link screen. I was able to get in without using my Amazon account credentials but if this is new, no way do I want my amazon account associated with anything but amazons website. Any idea? **

Amazon bought Woot in 2010. I doubt anything will change now

It looks like the default action for pressing ENTER has changed. Click the “Sign in” button rather than just pressing ENTER after entering your E-mail/password.

And I have multiple pairs of the HBS-750 which are still kicking after several years. Of course I wasn’t so lucky with my LG G4 (boot-loop failure out of warranty) but my V20 has been rock solid. LG has had their issues but overall they make good products.

I had similar problems.

We’ve figured out the problem and are working on a fix but it will take a few days.

Click Sign In instead of pressing ENTER.

I ordered 3 of them. They arrived today. 2 with wall adapters and 1 with a USB cable. Seems odd.

And one of them the microphone doesn’t work. Have sent WOOT 2 e-mails and they haven’t responded yet. Not a happy WOOTer right now.

Hey there, looks like we responded to both of your emails from March 6 and March 13. Please check your spam folder, and make sure your email filters are not blocking out of any of our Woot emails. The emails are going to the email address associated with your Woot account so please make sure to check there!