LG Ultra Short Throw LED Home Theater Projector

Not sure where the comes from in the model number, but I assume it’s the following:


I tried to convince my girlfriend on us getting one, she doesn’t trust it like a giant 65"+ TV.

steveb944 is absolutely correct, this is the LG PF1000u (LG Does not make any other ultra-short throw 1080p Projectors yet)

This is actually a pretty worthwhile projector.
I’ve used the LG PF85U for the last 2-3 years which has nearly identical specifications except the short throw functionality.
http://www.projectorcentral.com/LG-PF85U.htm <-- What I’ve been using
http://www.projectorcentral.com/LG-PF1000U.htm <-- The projector listed.

Since they do have an identical marketed lumens, I will warn you won’t want to go up to 100" Diagonal unless you have a decent screen (Helps with brightness) or a light controlled room (Black out curtains for example). At 100" it will be a little bit washed out on color.
At 80" it’s much sharper in more reasonable lighting conditions.

I wish I had gotten the PF1000u (Wasn’t an option when I purchased mine) due to the shortthrow.
What the ultra short throw means :
To get an 80-100 inch image, you only need to have this projector about a foot back from the wall.
Non short throw:
For an 80-100 inch image I need to put my projector 10 feet back

If anyone has any specific questions Feel free to ask and I’ll do my best to answer.

FYI when selecting a screen for a short throw projector you typically want to avoid “High Gain” screens (>1.0). These screens use technology to direct more light directly back towards its source. This works well for regular projector while potentially reducing brightness from off angle seating positions but not to a great extent. For a short throw projector the image is coming from such a steep angle of attack that it doesn’t direct the light back towards the viewer.

The nice thing is that this means you don’t need to consider any fancy expensive screens for a projector like this. A standard 1.0 gain white screen would work great for well light controlled rooms, or a light Grey screen can improve black levels for rooms that are not well light controlled.

Fair warning, due to the nature of these short throw projectors and their shaped mirrors/lens, you will never get a completely clear and non-distorted image. The lighting will also be slightly off throughout the corners. You will be able to get pretty close, but it won’t compare to non-short throw projectors. If you can tolerate that, these are awesome things.

I pulled the trigger, in for one. Great statement above but I think there is one thing you said that is not correct. LG does make a newer version of this projector that is the model LG PF1000UW not the PF1000Ux.
The new model is web OS 3.0. I’m not sure if these older units can be firmware upgraded to web OS 3.0 or not. Also I may have missed this in the specifications, but will they do 4K or 20K anyone happen to know?

You’re right! That was apparently announced in the past month, and I did not even notice.
Hopefully this’ll push the PF1000u’s price down further.

As for the 4k piece, if you’re referring to resolution, as most modern displays are this does have a physical exact amount of pixels (in this case 1920x1080) and while the projector/device attached to it may scale a larger or smaller image to it, the quality will be constrained by the fact it will still output to those physical exact pixels.

Would recommend using a 1920x1080 source image if you can help it.

Thanks. I’m looking forward to the arrival of my projector

I am seriously thinking about getting this but the room I’d want to use it in is our “sun room”, windows everywhere although in the evenings the sun is in the other side of the house. I could hit up another woot for some blackout curtains but that is driving the cost of this thing easily another 400-500 by the time I factor in curtains and rods. We have a great big wall there that would be awesome for a projector screen but no where really to put a traditional projector. This one would really be the only solution I’ve seen.