LG Upscaling DVD Player with HDMI

No DivX support.

Is it capable of playing DivX?

Whats the difference between the 2?

product websites for the:

LG DN798. as well as the spec sheet.

and the LG DN898. and the user manual and spec sheet.

Amazon LG DN898

Amazon LG DN798

Not sure what features are different, only that the 898 is a year newer, the 2008 model instead of the 2007.

Both can play NTSC and PAL movies - check
Region free?
Tricky. Apparently both can be set region free, but it’s not as simple as entering the code, which is most common.

You have to burn a hacked firmware onto a disk and load it into the player.

So ultimately you CAN use it with movies from all regions.

Here are the hacking instructions:

little high for a refurb. wait a week. blu ray players will be this price!

So is this a good deal ? The price on Amazon is much higher, but I don’t know this brand.
I want an upconverting dvd player that can be region free . How much more would I have to pay to get a decent dvr ?


edit- I misunderstood an earlier post. If this can automatically play NTSC and PAL, I’m happy.
Still interested in what a similar recorder would cost.

I wanna know when there will be a H.264/.mkv player

How does it compare to todays Midnightbox.com DVD player, does anyone know? Thanks.

Midnightbox is totally owned by BestBuy

I think this is a good choice if you have a butt-ton of DVDs and are not quite ready for Blu-ray and have an HDTV. This is $70 new. I know its refurb, but they usually go through with a fine comb when refurb. In for one.

Exposing my ignorance, Why would I want Divx ?

So you can “acquire” movies online in .avi format, burn multiples to disc, and watch them on your player.

The description says they have the same dimensions, but in the picture there’s a distinct difference. Can anyone shed some light? Incorrect description? Trick of the light, perhaps?

Using the instructions posted earlier I’ve set mine to region 0 and play region 1 and 4, NTSC and PAL discs just fine.

SO this is basically a middleman between DVD and Blu Ray?

I think I’ve answered my own question… I couldn’t find anything to suggest that woot’s specs were inaccurate, so it must just be the front panel design, with its fancy slope on the top edge and whatnot

Per videohelp, the 898 only plays XVID no DIVX: LG DN898 DVD Player - VideoHelp

Was hoping for h.264, oh well.