LG Urbane Wearable Smart Watch Silver

Hmm. Still not sure what to make of this thing. Picked it up for $179 last week from buydig. Price is $209 today. So many options for android wear watches. This one is sharp particularly with a nicer leather band (22 mm). Messing with watch faces is fun. I use it for navigation while walking in the city so I don’t have to pull my phone out. Charge it every night to keep it from dying while at work the morning of the second day. I’m still not sure these things are worth it beyond the initial fun factor, navigation feature (still requires a phone) and being able to see calls and texts while in meetings. Pretty cool watch, though.

I picked one up for $160 new two days ago. This price seems a little steep for a refurb when Best Buy sells them for $250 new and immediate gratification can be had.

I see this as “NEW” and bought it. where do you see them as “refurb?” If so, I’m not sure it was a good deal either, since with tax (thank you Jerry Brown), It came out to be over $250.

I thought that it said that it was a refurb, my bad. It is still piced rather high since your $250 is $90 more than I paid.

What makes you think these are refurb’s? It says they are new.

Edit: Nevermind, I didn’t see that you already answered this.