LG Urbane Wearable Smart Watch Silver

Have one on my wrist right now, and love it. Has all the details I am looking for regarding a Smart Watch, and the round face makes it look like a ‘real’ watch and not some geeky device.

How’s the battery life?

Dang. this is $100 cheaper than what I paid last time it was on woot.

Love watch. Battery last about 2 days without charging if you just use to look at the time.
However, if you surf web and watch video with it, it’ll last about 4 hrs.

It requires special cradle to charge, so if you are traveling, you have to carry the cradle with you.
Not sure why they can make to just take the micro usb port on the side.

I bought a Chinese knock off cheap cradle from Amazon and thinking about modding it so the “cradle” sits under the watch and still can be wear on the wrist. It’s basically very thin board with wire going from micro usb port to 5pin connector. So i can use micro usb port to charge the watch. There were no chip inside the cradle to regulate charge.

“Hello Google” works fine.
“Google map” works fine, but will drain battery fast.

I also purchased $4 app that will change the watch face from “Mickey mouse” to “Tag Heuer”…

One things I wish it had is a speaker. Alarm is useless if you are not wearing it (vibrate only). Would be nice to use as speaker/microphone, too.

These are refurbs, but I can’t find any information on condition. Grade A? S&D? Fully functional but shows signs of prior use?


These should only show minor signs of wear; we definitely list “scratch & dent”, when that’s the case.

What is the version of The Google Wear?

The OS is Android Wear. This watch is compatible with Android 4.3 and higher.

What VERSION of Android Wear?

According to recent articles, it is likely that it will receive the next new version of Android wear. That version requires a button and this watch has a button. No guarantees though.

I have the LG Urbane and love it at work in particular to get text message without having to look like I’m on my phone. I can talk very quietly to the watch to text back. I can peek at stock quotes. With Amazon Music or Google Play I can change song and control the phone volume (watch doesn’t have a speaker). Some things, like a google search can be initiated on the watch but need to open on the phone for a decent experience. I have an HTC Desire 816 (decent phone) running Android Wear updated on Jun 8, 2016 V 1.5.02951640.gms. I always get a full day from a charge, usually 2 days even it it’s not under heavy use, but that can cut it pretty close.

Some articles I found online indicate that this watch is compatible with iOS. Is this true?

Vendor says no.